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e-learning system for medical schools Unprecedented online medical teaching materials

CKS is an e-learning program that helps students efficiently learn basic knowledge and develop practical skills. We connect basic knowledge to clinical understanding

ClinicalKey Student Japan

Features of ClinicalKey Student Japan (CKS)

Contains carefully selected questions that correspond to the model core curriculum

・An editorial committee made up of faculty members from multiple domestic universities selects the questions. ・Over 33,000 Japanese questions, over 27,000 English questions (as of November 2022) ・Past questions of the National Medical Examination and National Medical Examination Preliminary Examination are also posted.

ClinicalKey Student Japan benefits

Direct link to standard textbook (e-book)

・Cross-search of standard medical textbooks using keywords ・Textbooks can be used as a database

ClinicalKey Student Japan benefits

Link textbooks and problem sets to provide opportunities for repeated output

・Maintain learning content through high-quality questions ・Original questions can also be posted ・Understand learning progress by field through learning history management

ClinicalKey Student Japan benefits 3 image

"I was able to put it into practice and understand it. I feel that if you think about theories and mechanisms, you will end up remembering less and your learning will be more effective. I am satisfied with the fact that CKS's Foundation (electronic textbook) is available online, so I don't have to carry it around. I usually study on my PC at home, but now that I'm in my fourth year, I can't understand clinical classes without knowing the basics, so I use a tablet to check things out during class. It is difficult to read a textbook from beginning to end, so being able to search for things you don't understand by keyword is efficient. Another good thing about CKS is that it covers almost all subjects, so you don't have to buy additional textbooks. When searching, you can search across multiple textbooks, so you can find the explanation that is easiest for you to understand. ”


Kenichi Iida [4th year student, Department of Medicine, Mie University School of Medicine (as of August 2023)]