MathJax on ScienceDirect

Elsevier has integrated MathJax into ScienceDirect to enable high-quality, crisp display of mathematical symbols and equations. Seamlessly incorporated in the surrounding text, our ScienceDirect readers will experience an improved online presentation of the author’s work.

Also supported on tablets and smartphones, MathJax offers a better online reading experience for mathematical equations and symbols. It is possible to customise display to meet specific needs, and magnify equations for a closer look of scripts, primes and hats. MathJax works with MathML, the W3C standard for mathematics on the web, to enable copy and paste of equations into other programs.

MathJax rendering is available for all Elsevier journals and books with full-text HTML on ScienceDirect. Significantly, no additional action is required by our authors, editors and reviewers for manuscripts to make use of MathJax. And, there is no need to install any software to read beautiful mathematics online!

Elsevier was one of the first supporters of the MathJax project in 2009. We recently increased our commitment to this project to a partner level sponsorship; extending our dedication to contribute to a better solution for researchers to read and write mathematics on the web. To activate MathJax, simply click the “Turn MathJax on” button that shows up when hovering over an equation. Alternatively, view the demonstration below.

Currently, MathJax on ScienceDirect is available for all major browsers except for Internet Explorer.