CAS article collection: Urban Environmental Studies



Rapid urbanization in the past decades has resulted in enormous challenges on resources, ecosystem, and the environment. Urban ecosystem is a human dominated complex system that is continually exchanging mass, energy, and information between its dwellers and the environment (air, water, and soil). This virtual special issue reviewed those urban environmental studies contributed by CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) researchers to Elsevier journals in 2016. All selected papers were published in 24 Elsevier journals, covering topics on urban materials metabolism (e.g. metals, PM, or food), urban human health, and various environmental matrices (e.g. air, soil, water, and biome). The Institute of Urban Environment (IUE) was the leading academic body, contributing about 50% publications and more than 30% of scholarly interactions within the international collaborative network.

With thanks to the Article Selection Editors:

Dr. Yong-Guan Zhu

Dr. Yong-Guan Zhu is currently a professor and the Director General of the Institute of Urban Environment (IUE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). His studies focus on urban environment and environmental soil science.

Dr. Shen Yu

Dr. Shen Yu is currently a professor at the IUE, CAS. His study focuses on watershed ecology and the environment.

Dr. Wei-Qiang Chen

Dr. Wei-Qiang Chen is a research professor leading a group on Urban Ecology and Industrial Ecology at the IUE, CAS.

Dr. Yu-Peng Liu

Dr. Yu-Peng Liu is currently an assistant research professor at the IUE, CAS. His studies focus on urban ecology and urban big data.

Article collections

Urban Ecological Environment System

Urban Land Use and Cover Change

Urban Atmospheric Environment and Pollution

Urban Soil Environment

Urban Water Environment

Urban Material and Energy Metabolism

Urban Green Infrastructure

Urban Heat Island Effect

Urban Environmental Management and other aspects

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