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Excellence paves the way with the CO+RE suite of journals

CO+RE (Current Opinion and Research) journals span the life sciences and adjacent fields from food science to green and sustainable chemistry.

CO+RE journals leverage the Current Opinion legacy - of editorial excellence, high-impact, and global reach - to ensure they are a widely read resource that is integral to scientists’ workflow.

Current Opinion

Current Opinion is a series of established review journals that offer readers authoritative, comprehensive and systematic reviews of emerging and hot topics.

  • Expertise – Expert authors, who are leaders in their field, are invited to write short review articles.
  • Comprehensiveness – There are 27 high-impact Current Opinion review journals in a range of subjects.
  • Impact – In addition to a vast readership, Current Opinion titles enjoy high citations, Journal Impact Factors, and CiteScores.
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Current Research

Current Research are high-quality, original research journals that are immediately and freely available via gold open access (OA).

  • Expertise - Editors and Editorial Board bring depth and breadth of expertise and experience to the journal.
  • Speed – Submission and peer review is fast, and publication of final manuscripts is instantaneous.
  • Discoverability – Articles get high visibility and maximum exposure on an industry-leading platform that reaches a vast global audience.
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To ensure that CO+RE journals are integral to researchers’ workflow we believe:

Experts know best

The best reviews and primary research articles are authored by experts in their fields. Editors-in-Chief and section Editors are practicing scientists who know and understand the needs of authors and readers alike.

Time is critical

We believe research needs to be current and up-to-date and publication needs to be fast. We publish reviews and primary research on many emerging, hot topics, and publication of final articles is instantaneous.

Integrity is everything

High standards yield better results. Professional in-house editorial teams manage a rigorous peer review process and are dedicated to working with authors to improve the quality of the articles we publish.

Integration means leverage

We offer a comprehensive collection of both review and research journals spanning life sciences and adjacent fields from food science to green and sustainable chemistry.  Current Opinion and Current Research publishing and editorial teams work hand-in-hand to ensure consistency across the portfolio and that the reviews and primary research articles we publish meet our quality standards.

Excellence deserves a stage

Like Current Opinion titles, Current Research journals will benefit from a vast, global readership giving authors high visibility and maximum exposure for their work and readers the opportunity to join a thriving community. All articles are available via Elsevier’s industry-leading online platform, ScienceDirect.