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Publishing your work can be time-consuming, especially if the first journal you submit to isn’t right for your research. With over 40 journals, including The Lancet Oncology, Cancer Cell, European Journal of Cancer and Cancer Letters, Elsevier’s Oncology Journal Network has the right home for your research. And with our transfer service, you’ll benefit from a smooth, simple publishing process.

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Cancer research & oncology

Cancer cell biology – Translational – Clinical

coverThe Lancet Oncology

CiteScore: 49.4
Impact Factor: 33.752

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coverCancer Cell

CiteScore: 40.7
Impact Factor: 26.602

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coverEuropean Journal of Cancer

CiteScore: 12.6
Impact Factor: 7.275

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eortc Eusoma
coverCancer Letters

CiteScore: 11.6
Impact Factor: 7.360

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coverNeoplasia - open access

CiteScore: 6.9
Impact Factor: 5.696

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coverCurrent Problems in Cancer

CiteScore: 4.4
Impact Factor: 3.264

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coverJournal of Geriatric Oncology

CiteScore: 4.3
Impact Factor: 2.761

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Translational OncologyTranslational Oncology - open access

CiteScore: 4.7
Impact Factor: 3.558

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coverClinical Oncology

CiteScore: 5.3
Impact Factor: 3.113

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The royal college of radiologists
coverCancer Genetics

CiteScore: 4.1
Impact Factor: 3.105

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Cancer types

Blood - Breast - Lung - Urological - Gynecological - Bone - Colorectal - Oral

coverClinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia

CiteScore: 3.3
Impact Factor: 2.298

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coverLeukemia Research

CiteScore: 4.0
Impact Factor: 2.214

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coverLeukemia Research Reports - open access

CiteScore: 1.7

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coverThe Breast - open access

CiteScore: 6.3
Impact Factor: 3.754

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Australasian Society for Breast Disease
Eusomabreast centres networks
coverClinical Breast Cancer

CiteScore: 3.9
Impact Factor: 2.647

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coverClinical Colorectal Cancer

CiteScore: 5.6
Impact Factor: 3.245

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coverClinical Genitourinary Cancer

CiteScore: 3.8
Impact Factor: 2.695

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coverGynecologic Oncology

CiteScore: 7.4
Impact Factor: 4.623

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Society of Gynecologic Oncology
coverGynecologic Oncology Reports - open access

CiteScore: 1.7

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Society of Gynecologic Oncology
coverOral Oncology

CiteScore: 6.0
Impact Factor: 3.979

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coverJournal of Thoracic Oncology

CiteScore: 14.1
Impact Factor: 13.357

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Lung CancerLung Cancer

CiteScore: 7.2
Impact Factor: 4.702

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coverClinical Lung Cancer

CiteScore: 6.3
Impact Factor: 3.550

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coverJournal of Bone Oncology - open access

CiteScore: 4.4
Impact Factor: 3.066

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Diagnostics, therapeutics, epidemiology, other

coverRadiotherapy & Oncology

CiteScore: 8.2
Impact Factor: 4.856

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coverPhotodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy

CiteScore: 4.1
Impact Factor: 2.894

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CiteScore: 3.4
Impact Factor: 1.853

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American Brachytherapy Society logo
coverPractical Radiation Oncology

CiteScore: 2.28 Impact Factor: 2.794

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coverMedical Dosimetry

CiteScore: 2.1
Impact Factor: 1.396

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 American Association of Medical Dosimetrists
coverEuropean Journal of Surgical Oncology

CiteScore: 5.8
Impact Factor: 3.959

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European Society of Surgical OncologyBASO - The Association for Cancer Surgery
coverSurgical Oncology

CiteScore: 4.5
Impact Factor: 2.179

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coverCancer Epidemiology

CiteScore: 2.85
Impact Factor: 2.619

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coverEuropean Journal of Oncology Nursing

CiteScore: 3.1
Impact Factor: 1.876

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coverCancer Treatment Reviews

CiteScore: 16.3
Impact Factor: 8.885

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coverCritical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology

CiteScore: 10.1
Impact Factor: 5.833

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european school of oncology
coverSeminars in Cancer Biology

CiteScore: 14.8
Impact Factor: 11.090

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coverSeminars in Radiation Oncology

CiteScore: 5.7
Impact Factor: 4.076

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coverSeminars in Oncology

CiteScore: 7.5
Impact Factor: 4.213

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coverSeminars in Oncology Nursing

CiteScore: 2.4
Impact Factor: 1.330

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