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Gestión del aprendizaje y las competencias

Develop and maintain a high performing nursing team

Evidence-based solutions to educate, evaluate and elevate your nursing team’s skills, knowledge and care delivery.

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Learning and Competency Management Solutions help you :

Strengthen novice nurse competence and confidence

The reliance on new graduate nurses is increasing as the nursing shortage worsens — 63% of them report not being ready for practice.1 How do you support your novice nurses to ensure they are ready to provide quality patient care? 

Immersive virtual learning solutions offer a safe, realistic environment to enhance practice readiness and engagement. 

  • Shadow Health® supports clinical reasoning and communication skills with diverse patient encounters

  • Transition to Practice builds professional skills and engagement through a supportive virtual nurse onboarding experience

  • Clinical eLearning enhances orientation efficiency with comprehensive, customizable curricula 

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Help your nurses grow and perform at top-of-license

Enabling your nurses to learn and grow in their careers can play a pivotal part in curbing turnover and boosting retention.

Your nurses can strengthen their knowledge across experience levels and practice areas with evidence-based virtual education from Elsevier.

  • Clinical eLearning provides standardized, hospital-wide courses to advance nursing practice for lifelong career development and high quality patient care

  • Clinical Skills provides best-practice guidance on nursing skills and procedures, competency management, and continuing education to help your team deliver top quality care

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All Learning and Competency Management Solutions

We can help you build and sustain a high-performing team

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