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Sponsors & Exhibitors


Metrohm DropSens

Metrohm DropSens is a leading Company in electrochemical innovation, driven by a strong focus on research and development. Renowned as a top producer of screen-printed electrodes, the company sets industry standards for precision and reliability going beyond by also offering OEM electrochemical solutions on a large scale.

They specialize in crafting high-quality potentiostats with impedance, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in a wide range of applications. Lately, they stand out for their unique contributions on the development of instrumentation for spectroelectrochemistry and electrochemiluminescence, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the market.

Supported by robust global network, Metrohm DropSens provides assistance and expertise worldwide, ensuring that customers receive reliable support wherever they are.

In essence, Metrohm DropSens is not just a manufacturer; it’s a driving force in shaping the landscape of electrochemistry, emphasizing innovation, reliability and global support.

Metrohm DropSens


Gamry Instruments

Gamry Instruments designs, manufactures, and sells precision electrochemical instrumentation with recognized floating and high accuracy electrochemical impedance spectroscopy capabilities. Our full lineup includes high-performance potentiostats for fast low current measurements particularly suitable for bioelectrochemistry research. Integration with our new IMX8 multiplexer offers unique capabilities for electrochemical sensors development. Investigation of interfacial reactions is affordable with the integration of quartz crystals microbalances QCM-I and the new eQCM15M offering real time characterization of biomolecules and biofilms. You can prove it yourself using the new literature search feature on our products’ pages.


Integrated Graphene

Integrated Graphene is a technology development and systems integrator who has invented, patented and commercialise a revolutionary “design for manufacture” process to grow high performing, cost-effective, pure 3D Graphene – called Gii. With phenomenal properties for various applications, we look to push the boundaries of what our Gii technology can do.

Integrated Graphene


Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Spain, MicruX Technologies stands as a trailblazer in innovative technology solutions. Our core competency lies in the development of both thin-film and thick-film electrodes, setting new benchmarks in precision and reliability for electrochemical sensors. These electrodes play a pivotal role in enhancing the performance of electrochemical sensors, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every application.



At PalmSens BV we are committed to making electrochemistry easier, more portable, and more accessible for novice and advanced researchers. We provide a comprehensive range of instruments for most types of electrochemistry with an emphasis on mobility. 

We manufacture the world’s smallest commercially available potentiostat module with EIS capabilities: the EmStat Pico. While our unique flagship instrument, the PalmSens4, is one of the most versatile and compact frequency response analysis (FRA) / EIS-capable device in the market.

PalmSens logo

Commercial opportunities

If you are interested in exhibiting at, or sponsoring, this conference, please explore the commercial opportunities.

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Reasons why being a sponsor is a brilliant marketing strategy:

  • Highly targeted marketing – reach your community

  • Brand awareness & recognition – logo and advertisement placement

  • Access to knowledge – find out about new research being undertaken

  • Engage with your audience –  at the event and online

  • Media exposure – benefit from  being promoted throughout Elsevier’s marketing process

  • Enhance credibility – highlight your company’s expertise to a captive audience

  • Generate new sales & form new partnerships – with registrants, vendors and speakers

  • Leveraged lead generation – the chance to be recommended to attendees’ connections

An exhibition will run alongside the conference sessions. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, a range of commercial sponsorship opportunities are available.

To discuss your requirements or to book sponsorship or exhibit space please contact:

Chloe Partridge Conference Sponsorship & Classified Advertising Sales Executive STM Journals | Elsevier  Tel: +44 (0) 1865 843346 Email: [email protected]se abre en una nueva pestaña/ventana

Please do not email credit card information under any circumstances.