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Enrich learning and nurture competitive skills for tomorrow's leaders

Our solutions support curriculum design and student coursework and help you nurture future-ready graduates.

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Cultivate responsible global citizenship in future graduates

Students can contribute to positive change and a sustainable future by learning to work effectively with information and data. This is why we source, validate and curate trusted, authoritative information from our publishing teams and other publishers and from trusted, specialized data sources. Our interdisciplinary and specialized research platforms help educators improve information literacy skills in students.

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Support intellectual freedom, open science, diversity and inclusion

We aim to foster a spirit of openness and inquiry, and to promote a range of perspectives and voices in research by partnering with others to advance inclusion and diversity in research and promote open science. We work as much as possible to ensure that the information we publish and curate for our research platforms, and which underpins our solutions, support these goals.

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Drive academic excellence with career preparation

Academic and industry R&D professionals worldwide use our solutions in their work, including those in the pharmaceutical, health, life sciences, engineering and other fields. With access to these same resources, students at all levels of higher education can gain valuable skills and knowledge that will prepare them for successful careers.

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Enable simplified authentication and access for faculty and students

Our publications, scholarly and research databases and embedded tools are secure, reliable and always online. We also provide customer support and resources that include user guides, LibGuides, video tutorials, remote access options and worldwide product support.

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