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Analyze the full spectrum of biomedical research

The accelerated pace of biomedical research and development demands comprehensive information. You anticipate risk by assessing everything that is known. You track safety to meet regulations. You uncover connections to push innovations.

Embase is a unique medical literature database where comprehensive goes beyond content. With Emtree indexing of full-text content and dedicated search terms, you find all relevant and current results. This includes information that may not be uncovered in other databases. Scroll down to find out why regulatory agencies recommend Embase in their best practice guidelines.

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What can you do with Embase?

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Conduct systematic reviews

  • Access relevant information from trusted sources
  • Build a foundation for original research
  • Tap into a multitude of topics and deeply connected records

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Monitor drug safety

  • Use smart tools to ensure you don’t miss important information for compliant pharmacovigilance
  • Track drug-disease relations and drug-drug interactions
  • Capture potential risks to enhance drug safety

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Comply with medical device regulations

  • Collect data for clinical evaluations, as well as post-market surveillance
  • Meet the stricter requirements of the EU MDR and IVDR
  • Quickly create precise and high-recall queries

How to search Embase — take a tour!

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Quick search

Combine fields and apply advanced filters specific to evidence-based medicine to find information faster.

How Embase is a complete biomedical resource

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Access rich content

Millions of records from journals, conferences, non-English publications, and more updated daily.

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Connect concepts

The full text of articles is indexed with the Emtree thesaurus to identify the role of drug, disease or device and reveal data relationships.

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Easily build queries

Use search wizards to quickly build advanced, systematic queries. Alternatively, create your own with smart support features.

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Maintain current awareness

Save searches and set alerts to stay abreast of new content. Download results in common formats for further analysis.

Are you missing something if you only use MEDLINE?

How Embase compares to MEDLINE

How Embase compares with MEDLINE

  • Includes all journals in MEDLINE plus 2,900 more
  • Covers 11,500+ conferences not found in MEDLINE
  • Twice as many preferred terms, including MeSH terms
  • One third more synonyms to interpret queries
  • Granular indexing for devices and drugs

Why Embase is the best choice for systematic reviews

Biomedical researchers and informaticists use systematic, unbiased and reproducible methods to identify and critically evaluate evidence. Their literature search needs to draw on these same thorough investigation methods. Embase guides you in using the PICO method in a search. And you can quickly formulate an advanced query to explore deeply indexed content. Your results feed into a strong systematic review that helps you to:

  • Confidently publish original research
  • Accelerate evidence-based clinical decisions
  • Establish best practices in research or patient care

Dr. George Khachatryan

Performing a systematic search of peer-reviewed and gray literature using Embase is generally accepted as a best practice for evidence-based medicine.

Dr. George R Khachatryan, RosMedEx

Dr. Su Golder

Embase is an essential resource for post-market monitoring of medical devices – I can’t imagine doing that kind of safety monitoring without it.

Dr. Su Golder, NIHR Research Fellow, University of York

Extend the power of Embase

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Capture knowledge in historical records

Expand the scope of your searches into historical records from 1947 to 1973. Embase Classic is a single file of content, robustly indexed with Emtree. Merge the content with contemporary queries to extract insights from yesterday and today.

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One search, two angles: Embase and PharmaPendium

A single search in Embase includes relevant adverse events content from PharmaPendium.

  • Adverse events reported in biomedical literature
  • Data and evaluations from FDA/EMA approval packages
  • Preclinical and clinical reported adverse events (AERs)

Build your risk assessment on better data from the literature and regulatory documents. Design more effective trials with an understanding of historical precedents of adverse events. Compare your drug candidate to approved drugs and their post-market performance.

Preclinical safety in a new era

Get a free curated collection of journal articles from 2020 and 2021.

Discover five articles that foretell developments with impact on the transition from preclinical to clinical stages.

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