A policy management software that gets your staff the information they need when they need it, making policies easy to update, manage and access.

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The importance of healthcare policy and procedures cannot be disputed. To remain regulation compliant is becoming harder with an increased number of regulations and requirements.

Healthcare staffing and operational environments are becoming more and more complex and the challenge of these along with low policy adoption rates by staff and poor communication are making it more difficult to adhere to regulatory compliance, yet the need to set policies and effectively communicate them to all employees across the entire environment is critical for patient safety.

What challenges do institutions face with policy and procedures?

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Many healthcare organisations are vast, with complex staffing structures and needs, making Policy management difficult.

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Staff adoption
Often Staff are demotivated with investing time and effort to read policies and procedures.

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Often policies and procedures are poorly communicated with outdated means of access, distribution and control.

Remaining compliant (with safe patient care, a priority) is becoming harder due to increased regulations and requirements. We can answer the three challenges of complexity, staff adoption and communication by:​

  1. Enabling healthcare professionals to streamline the workflows associated with the creation, review and approval of policies.​
  2. Supporting regulatory and accreditation activities and improving patient safety.​
  3. Easily allowing you to create, edit, approve and drive compliance for policies.​

Compliance Features of PolicyStat

Complete Automation

Our powerful policy compliance software automatically keeps track of expiration dates and notifies managers of expiring policies.

Easy Updating

The built-in editor means you don’t need to download any documents or email the policies to others for approval – others can update policies right inside the editor.

Smart Searching

Our policy compliance software lets you easily tag and group policies or procedures related to a particular audit, so you can find all policies related to Joint Commission or HIPAA in a single search.

Efficient Policy and Procedure Management Software

Approval workflows and archiving help you know the status of each and every policy in your library. Keeping policies current and easy for your staff to find reduces risks and eliminates surprises.

iContracts offers leading compliance management software solutions for hospitals and integrated health networks. iContracts will help your healthcare organisation increase productivity, mitigate risk, standardise care and improvement patient outcomes.