COVID-19: Clinical Information, Resources & Tools

View a series of brief, on-demand webinars delivered by Elsevier’s subject matter experts.

Webinar 1: Introduction to the COVID-19 Toolkits for Healthcare Professionals

Robert Nieves, RN,
VP of Health Informatics, Elsevier

Robert Nieves will share best practice on how you can support your clinical team and patients' wellbeing by building a comprehensive COVID-19 support program,  addressing the necessary developments required within staff education, patient knowledge, treatment and care provision.

Webinar 2: Standardization of the Level of Knowledge – Staff Education

Tim Morris,
Commercial Portfolio and Partnership Director, Elsevier

Tim Morris will demonstrate the tools available to help you standardise knowledge at a time when the burden of care is calling on clinicians, nurses and allied professionals, to step into care environments that may be unfamiliar or out of their area of expertise.

Webinar 3: Standardization of Patient Management - Treatment / Care Provision

Dr Ian Chuang, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Elsevier

Healthcare operates on the premise of quality and patient safety, regardless of the circumstances. Dr Chuang will discuss ways you can take advantage of available process, resources and information technology to ensure safe, quality care for the routine medical care model and apply it for the purpose of COVID-19

Webinar 4: Patient Education in a World of Fake News – Patient Information

Laís Junqueira
Quality, Patient Safety and Innovation Manager, Elsevier

Lais Junqueira will discuss the impact of fake news in the COVID-19 pandemic and will share resources to help your clinicians provide patient information that is accurate, reliable, and worthy of being shared.

Webinar 5: Learning from COVID-19 Experience - Continuous improvement

Dr Ximena Alvira, MD, PhD
Senior Clinical and Research Specialist, Elsevier

Dr Alvira will review the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the research community and will present the tools and resources Elsevier is making available to facilitate the distribution of high-quality research and scientific knowledge.
* Now also available Elsevier Coronavirus Research Hub

If you would like to schedule an overview session to review the COVID-19 evidence-based treatment guidelines available from Elsevier.

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