Your Elsevier team

As an Elsevier editor, you can benefit from the skills, knowledge and expertise of our staff in various departments and roles. Here is your primary support team at Elsevier. In 2019, Editors' Update published a series of articles showcasing a different colleague discharging each role. Click on the link next to each role below to read the relevant "Faces of Elsevier" article.

NB The below descriptions are relevant for most journals but different arrangements, roles and responsibilities may apply in the case of society- or third-party-owned journals. In case of any doubt, please consult your regular publishing contact.


  • Your primary contact
  • Responsible for the strategy and overall success of the journal
  • Appoints and replaces editors and Editorial Board members
  • Provides you with updates on key performance indicators, journal statistics and analyses, and arranges meetings
  • Sets the future journal strategy, in consultation with you and the rest of the editorial board, and ensures that it is acted upon.
  • Does desk and field research on market trends and competition.
  • Communicates publishing policies and procedures, and new developments.
  • Arranges the journal’s finances, including your payments.
  • Officially invites or retires editors and Editorial Board members.
  • Provides key performance information, such as editorial statistics, ScienceDirect downloads, citation information, author satisfaction research results, and publication times. They use this information to prepare reports for meetings with you and the Editorial Board, and will also arrange these meetings.
  • Develops plans for special issues and/or supplements with you and the Editorial Board.
  • Guides and supports you in the event of a publishing ethics allegation.
  • Offers expert advice and supports when you are asked questions in your role as an editor about scholarly communications and journal publishing policies.
  • Acts as your primary point of contact.
  • Faces of Elsevier - Catherine Carnovale, Publisher

Journal Manager

  • Your contact for all production-related matters and submission system queries.
  • Responsible for ensuring articles are typeset, corrected, and published in a timely fashion.
  • Provides you with support throughout the production process.
  • Interacts with authors, editors and reviewers, and is  the single point of contact for their respective journal portfolios during the entire end-to-end process.
  • Faces of Elsevier - Dan Norman, Journal Manager

Publishing Content Specialist

Marketing Manager

  • Your contact for marketing.
  • Jointly responsible with your Publisher for the journal’s marketing strategy.
  • Implements marketing plans increasing the journal's profile and evaluating results.
  • Provides you with annual marketing updates.
  • Faces of Elsevier - Craig Teall, Marketing Manager