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Editor's summit Oslo

At Elsevier, we believe in supporting our editors through a variety of mechanisms. We know editors welcome the chance to interact with our staff and their peers in face-to-face meetings and this is why we organise an annual series of editor summits.

A summit brings together a group of editors in a particular location. As well as the opportunity to learn from your fellow editors, through an Editor summit you’ll also get to hear the latest developments in academic publishing, and experience first-hand the tools and resources that we are developing to support you in your work – as well as having the opportunity to interface directly with Elsevier management and portfolio staff.

We welcome feedback from attendees and see these events as an opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude to our editors for their dedication to their roles and journals. Elsevier summits are a very popular and successful series of events (a recent summit enjoyed an overall satisfaction rating of 100%) so we encourage you to take part if you are offered the opportunity. For more details of upcoming summits, please speak to your publishing contact, or view details below.

Upcoming summits

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17 April, 2021

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24 April, 2021

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