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Employee feedback leads to top award for leadership team

June 27, 2024

By Catherine Adenle

Elsevier CEO Kumsal Bayazit (left) talks with technology colleagues after a townhall in the New York office. (Photo by Alison Bert)

Elsevier CEO Kumsal Bayazit (left) talks with technology colleagues after a townhall in the New York office. (Photo by Alison Bert)

In an award based on employee surveys, Elsevier takes top honors for Best Company Leadership and Career Growth

When’s Susan Ikeda’s mother fell and broke her hip, Susan felt overwhelmed — and she dreaded having to tell her manager she wouldn’t be as present as usual. Fortunately, Susan’s fears about work were soon allayed.

“My manager supported me in ways I didn’t think possible — flextime, empowering me to cancel meetings, and helping me find support in Elsevier,” recalled Susan, a Senior Editorial Project Manager based in Elsevier’s San Diego, California, office. “I was so preoccupied with my mom that I didn’t think about checking all that Elsevier has to offer.”

Photo of Susan Ikeda with her mother

Susan Ikeda and her mother

When Dr Erin Hill-Parks first heard about Elsevier’s Developing Talent for Gender Equity leadership program, she wasn’t sure if she should apply. She had spent nine years working in Book Acquisition, and she didn’t know if she had what it took to be a leader. Fortunately, she went forward despite her doubts:

“I reflected on what it means to be a leader, looking at the women around me and the different ways we can all lead,” recalled Erin, a Senior Product Operations Manager for ScienceDirect, based in Elsevier’s London office. “Encouraged by my mentor, I successfully applied to the program and found the confidence to lead in multiple areas.”

Erin Hill-Parks, PhD

Erin Hill-Parks, PhD

These are just a few of the ways Elsevier’s leadership team supports employees and what’s meaningful to us. Through mentoring programs, employee-led initiatives like Employee Resource Groups, and ongoing polls that seek employee feedback on everything from work-life balance to psychological safety, our leaders are continually seeking ways to support our career growth and make our Elsevier Experience meaningful.

This month, we were elated to learn that employees expressed their appreciation for this leadership. Elsevier was recognized as a top workplace, securing the Number 1 spot for Leadershipopens in new tab/window in the Comparably awards, which are based on employee feedback. In addition, we placed second for Career Growthopens in new tab/window.

Comparably, now part of ZoomInfo, is a renowned platform in workplace culture, employer branding, and compensation, hosting over 20 million anonymous employee ratings across 70,000 companies. With extensive data covering various workplace categories—gender, ethnicity, age, experience, industry, location, and education—Comparably is a trusted source for organizational culture insights. Their quarterly awards highlight companies excelling in key areas based on employee feedback.

Leadership award

This award celebrates organizations where employees rate their leaders highly for effectiveness, vision, transparency and the ability to inspire and support their teams. It underscores our commitment to strong, visionary leadership that prioritizes the well-being and growth of our employees.

Elsevier has been recognized as a top workplace, securing the Number 1 spot for Leadership in the Comparably awards, which are based on employee feedback. They were followed by ADP and Uber.

Career Growth award

Honoring companies with exceptional career development opportunities, this award reflects our dedication to offering promotions, personal and professional development programs, and various avenues for employee advancement within Elsevier. Our tailor-made development programs align with both our organizational needs and the unique talents of our employees.

Comparably's Best Companies for Career Growth 2004 are Boston Consulting Group, Elsevier and ADP.

This recognition affirms our leadership’s commitment to investing in our development. Our leaders continuously strive to provide the resources necessary for success and growth within the company, fostering opportunities for leadership, learning and professional development. They are clearly dedicated to creating an environment where innovation, diverse thinking and optimal outcomes are paramount.

At Elsevier, fostering a growth mindset is integral to our mission. From seasoned leaders to new hires, we try to prioritize the continuous growth and development of our team members, cultivating a culture of teamwork, innovation and integrity. The 2024 Best Company for Career Growth award underscores our commitment to providing learning and growth opportunities.

As we celebrate this recognition, we acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our incredible team members. Empowering them with the resources and opportunities needed for personal and professional growth ensures that Elsevier will continue to be a top workplace worldwide — most importantly, in the eyes of employees.

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue fostering a culture where our people are valued and can thrive. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve, innovating and adapting to meet the evolving needs of our clients and partners. This recognition reaffirms our dedication to providing a world-class experience for our team members, customers and partners alike.

By emphasizing our core values of teamwork, innovation and growth, we are confident that Elsevier will remain a place where we can grow, learn and thrive.


Portrait photo of Catherine Adenle


Catherine Adenle

Senior Director, Employer Brand