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As a single parent, working for Elsevier has exceeded my expectations

May 27, 2023

By Melody Smith-Lopez

Melody Smith-Lopez with her children

Being a working parent is never easy. At Elsevier, flexible hours and purposeful work help me thrive.

The best way I can describe the experience of a single parent is running a relay race alone. At times, there are a lot of challenges and it’s stressful, yet nothing compares to the joy of seeing my children grow, excel and flourish. There’s no greater gift than being a parent.

Today, I consoled my 9-year-old son, who had growing pains in his legs, and helped my daughter engineer a rubber band powered car for her 8th-grade science class. The level of multitasking can stretch a single parent to new lengths, but love will always go the distance.

For many single parents, balancing the responsibilities of work and family can be a difficult task. Days are fast paced and complex with school drop off, pick up, afterschool events and sports. Finding a job that offers the flexibility and support needed to manage both can feel like an uphill battle. I’m grateful my job provides the flexibility to keep up with the busy routine.

Not only has my position been an excellent fit as a working parent, but I have found work I truly love. I feel like I thrive every day, whereas at previous companies, I remember counting down every weekday to the weekend.

At Elsevier, there is a culture of compassion and understanding for the unique challenges single parents face. Colleagues are known to care for each other, and managers go above and beyond to support their employees. This kind of positive work environment can be a game-changer for single parents looking for a company that values their wellbeing.

Being hired at Elsevier was a blessing and a gift, and the experience I have of working here has exceeded my expectations. The hybrid work schedule allows me to accommodate my children’s daily schedule and holiday schedule. I have taken advantage of the option to buy additional PTO (paid time off) to align with our holidays. At this season of life, I cannot imagine a better career experience. I’m exceedingly grateful to work on an amazing team with excellent managers and a CEO who values the people at Elsevier.

Work-life balance is invaluable for single parents who want to give their best to both their career and their family.

For single parents seeking a company that values their wellbeing and offers a supportive work environment, Elsevier can be an ideal employer. With a positive culture that cares for colleagues, flexible work arrangements, and understanding managers, single parents can have a strong career while caring for their children so they can thrive.

Benefits at Elsevier

Elsevier offers a variety of benefits to support work-life balance; health and wellness; personal development and financial wellbeing. Because Elsevier is a global company, these benefits vary by country. I have personally benefitted from many of the benefits, including our MindLife program, Wellness Coaching, and PTO buy up. Each of these supports my overall wellbeing and help me to manage stress as an employee and a working mom.


Photo of Melody Smith Lopez


Melody Smith-Lopez

Employer Brand Manager