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An end-of-year present for reviewers: more recognition

December 18, 2018 | 3 min read

By Bahar Mehmani


My Elsevier Reviews profile announces further improvements in recognizing and rewarding reviewer quality

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As we have noted before, peer review sits at the heart of the academic publishing system and reviewers play a key part in this vital process. We owe a debt of gratitude to our referees and that’s why we have been working behind the scenes to update and improve our My Elsevier Reviews systemopens in new tab/window to make it even more rewarding.

Improving recognition

We are pleased to announce that as of today, nearly one million reviewers of more than 2,000 journals published by Elsevier are able to enjoy an updated My Elsevier Reviews profile. Among other improvements, reviewers can now see their full reviewing history (previously only two years’ worth of data was available). Users will also note a fresh new look to the site and improved, faster functionality throughout.

As a reminder, the My Elsevier Reviews platform provides reviewers with a private profile listing the full history of their peer review activities. The details are automatically imported from the editorial submission systems used by participating journals. When you submit a review report to these journals your profile page gets updated and you receive a notification which includes an encrypted hyperlink to your My Elsevier Reviews profile.

As well as the overview of your reviewing activities, on your My Elsevier reviewer profile, you can also:

  • Download your yearly peer review activity report.

  • Collect status-related* peer review certificates based on the number of reviews submitted to a journal.

  • Be recognized by journal editors if you deliver an exceptionally high quality review report.

  • Collect discount vouchers for the Elsevier book store (up to 30%) and the author services website (10%).

  • Create a digital signature to reflect your reviewing activity.

Previously statuses and peer review activity history were limited to a two-year window but in the new release you will be able to track your complete activity for a given journal, right from the very first review submitted. This is also reflected in your certificates, where the total number of reviews is detailed.

Another significant advantage of the relaunched platform is the time it takes to reflect a recent review. We have closed the gap between the time you submit your review and the point you receive a notification about your updated Elsevier reviews profile to a maximum of one week.

Into the future

We hope you are pleased with your refreshed My Elsevier Reviews profile. Our work is not done, however! As you might have seen; we have already worked on a new feature for Mendeley users who can now showcase their ORCiD-based peer review activities on their profile:

Our next step will be to incorporate the data from your My Elsevier Reviews profile together with the non-Elsevier reviews to enable a full reflection of your reviewing activities which you can then choose to make visible to your networks. Stay tuned for more news on this and in the meantime, let us thank you again for your reviewing efforts and wish you a peaceful end to the year!

* “Recognized” status is awarded to reviewers who have submitted one review in the past two years; “Outstanding” status is awarded to reviewers who belong to the top 10th percentile of each journal reviewer list in terms of number of submitted reviews; “Excellent” status is awarded to reviewers who have been hand-picked by a journal editor for their exceptionally high-quality reviews.