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Essentials of Ultrasound Imaging

Book Companion

Essentials of Ultrasound Imaging

Edition 1

Welcome to the Companion site for Essentials of Ultrasound Imaging, 1st Edition

This site includes:


The interactive ultrasound simulators, originally programmed in App Designer in MATLAB® , are available in executable form (no MATLAB license required) for a modest fee from Verasonics,

Click Hereopens in new tab/window - Two versions, for Windows or Apple[PK1] personal computers, are available.


The book and software are part of an overall curriculum which consists of the following ten modules:

  1. Introduction to Imaging and Imaging Systems

  2. Rays & Waves

  3. Signals

  4. Transducers

  5. Beams & Focusing (Continuous Wave)

  6. Continuous Wave Array Beamforming and Heating

  7. Pulsed Phased Array Beamforming

  8. Ultrasound Imaging Systems and Display

  9. Doppler

  10. Advanced Ultrasound Imaging Systems and Topics

The curriculum package contains the following components:

  • Lecture presentations including embedded videos and lecturer notes (45-60 minutes each)

  • A suite of approximately 25 interactive simulation programs to illustrate course principles for use during the lectures and labs

  • Student labs consisting of instructive lectures, simulator exercises and a series of experiments for students to acquire ultrasound data using a Verasonics Vantage system (1-2 hours each). In one approach, students will take turns doing “hands-on” lab experiments with the Vantage system. In another, the professor may choose to collect data sets for distribution. Knowledge of MATLAB is not needed unless the instructor wants students to analyze data using MATLAB. Student knowledge of Vantage system operation is not needed. Complete GUI-driven data acquisition MATLAB scripts will be provided.

  • Laboratory phantoms:

  1. CIRS Fathom tissue mimicking phantom

  2. Lab kits with a set of Small Custom Acoustic Phantoms

  • Instructor manual with worked problems

  • Student manual describing use of the simulators

More information can be found on Verasonicsopens in new tab/window page


(Future additions)

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