Gender Summits

We have been supporters of the Gender Summits since 2011. They serve as forum for researchers, institutions and policymakers to “make gender equality in science and research the norm and promote the inclusion of the gender dimension in STEM research”, as underscored by Dr. Elizabeth Pollitzer, founder of the Gender Summits and a member of our Inclusion & Diversity Board.


A virology pioneer’s story sets the stage for a global gender equity conversation

Inspired by the late June Almeida, who discovered the first human coronavirus, Elsevier Chairman YS Chi addresses the global Gender Summit.

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Applying “gender lens” can help us achieve better health and disaster responses: Gender Summit founder

The free, virtual 19th Gender Summit has brought together experts from around the world to accelerate implementation of the UN SDGs.

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Progress in improving gender diversity in science

At the Gender Summit Europe, Elsevier’s CEO talks about how we are collaborating with the research community to improve gender balance in science.

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The persistent challenges of supporting women in science

From unconscious and algorithmic bias to helping more girls engage with STEM, the Asia Gender Summit in Singapore spotlighted crucial diversity-building initiatives.

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How Gender Summits have shaped Elsevier’s role in the research community

Elsevier CEO Ron Mobed talks about the importance of gender diversity in science at at the 2018 Gender Summit – Europe.

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Asia-Pacific Gender Summit aims to boost innovation in research through diversity

The Tokyo event brought together 600 people from industry, academia and government to advance gender equality in science and society.

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Gender Summit Europe: ‘Stand up and take action’

At GS7 in Berlin, speakers tout gender initiatives in government, publishing and research funding.

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Why science is gender-biased — and what we can do about it

Speakers at Gender Summit Asia Pacific show how including women as research subjects can result in better, safer products.

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Gender Summit will explore Europe’s new plan for gender equity in science

Gender is now a criterion for grant funding in the new EU Framework Programme: Horizon 2020.

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