Sense About Science

Since 2006, Elsevier has partnered with Sense About Science (SAS), an independent charity that champions the public interest in sound science and ensures evidence is recognised in public life and policy making. Their unique program of events and publications has worked to promote an understanding of peer review, data and trust in science among journalists, policymakers and the public, as well as to engage and inspire early career researchers to stand up for science in public debates around the world.

Data science: a guide for society

With daily headlines touting the promise of big data and AI in predicting everything from the path of the next epidemic to end-of-season league positions of football teams to who is most likely to commit a crime, Sense about Science was asking what people needed to know in order to evaluate these claims. Browse the new public guide to data science, and learn how it supports a better dialogue between decision makers, researchers and the public.

Peer review

Sense About Science has been working on peer review debates for more than a decade, reaching the public through debates and publications. In 2009, we joined forces with SAS for one of the largest ever international survey of authors and reviewers on peer review. In 2019 we have partnered to explore not only the changes in how research is conducted, but also how peer review is done, and how researchers communicate these findings. Read the full report, Quality, trust & peer review: researchers’ perspectives 10 years on.

Peer review 2019

Engaging early-career researchers

Since launch, SAS' growing Voice of Young Science (VoYS) network attracted over thousands early career researchers to workshops around the world, a programme that has been partnered by Elsevier and over 30 learned societies and institutions
around the world. The VoYS ethos of standing up for science, pursued through myth busting publications and promoting scientific scrutiny and peer review, receives a lot of media attention, which has helped it become a network with its own momentum, attracting new members every day.


The AllTrials campaign, launched in 2013, calls for all clinical trials to be registered and their results reported. Elsevier has since 2014 supported the development of the AllTrials campaign to drive greater clinical transparency.

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