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Discover cutting-edge technology for research analytics & evaluation

Elsevier’s analytics solutions simplify your evaluation of research programs and strategies, saving you time and administrative burden as you keep up with the pace of change.

Research leader working on tablet

SciVal: Quickly unlock insight into your research assets

From fast and flexible data retrieval to its wide range of data visualization capabilities, SciVal helps institutions easily explore, analyze and report on global research. Research evaluation and analysis tools like SciVal are also key to connecting researchers and groups for cross-sector collaboration and partnerships.

  • Visualize and benchmark your research performance

  • Quickly identify expertise for collaboration

  • Uncover global experts in key areas

  • Understand and showcase your research impact

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SciVal: Quickly unlock insight into your research assets

Scopus: Produce comprehensive research landscape analysis

Elsevier’s world-renowned data repository, Scopus, enables you to gain a full view of the research landscape. Comprehensive insights enable you to quickly identify emerging trends, inform your research strategy and measure impact.

  • Quickly identify emerging trends

  • Enhance visibility to easily manage your reputation

  • Easily search from millions of collaborators

  • Support funding with superior global content coverage

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Analytical Services: Support your research goals with analytics

Our technical and research metrics experts draw on Elsevier’s data sources to deliver a range of analytical services, from targeted reports to comprehensive multidimensional studies. Elsevier’s Analytical Services provides accurate, unbiased analysis on research performance to inform your institution’s research strategy.

  • Gain analyses and interpretations from seasoned experts

  • Work with consultants to get the insights most relevant to your needs

  • Leverage data delivery and web integration services

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Analytical Services: Support your research goals with analytics

Navegando pela trajetória de impacto: a busca pela excelência em pesquisa

Conheça Ramon, um desenvolvedor de pesquisa adjunto que enfrenta o desafio de promover pesquisas impactantes em energia alternativa na universidade. Buscando respostas para perguntas críticas e superando barreiras de informação, Ramon descobre o portfólio Research Intelligence.

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Navigating the Path to Impact: A Quest for Research Excellence video

ICSR: Explore and analyze rich datasets in the cloud – for free

ICSR Lab is a free, open environment ideal for working with large volumes of data, testing your hypotheses, collaborating across teams or performing analyses where you are in control of the calculations.

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ICSR: Explore and analyze rich datasets in the cloud – for free

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Fostering collaboration & partnerships

The right experts and research teams working together can significantly enhance your research programs' success.

University rankings & research activities

Explore these resources for a deeper look into how rankings work, and learn about analyzing and tracking research activities that are counted — so you can better support your rankings objectives.

Universities & societal impact

A guide for academic research leaders to understand more about Societal Impact research – what it is, keys for success and how to analyze SDG research

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Tools and resources to enhance your skills, provide library services and advocate within your institution.


Expert guidance and resources to help you advance your research and discovery.

Academic and research leaders

Discover information that supports strategic decision making so that your research can flourish, advance society and drive economic growth.


We help funders develop strategies for improving inefficient funding mechanisms, supporting key use cases across the funding workflow.

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Scopus: banco de dados de resumos e citações multidisciplinar, abrangente e confiável



SciVal oferece perspectivas estratégicas para o sucesso de seus programas de pesquisa


Analytical Services

Analytical Services: Actionable, customized research performance and impact analysis