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Knovel: Engineering innovation in record time

Get materials property data, technical references and interactive tools to accelerate R&D. Knovel helps you apply knowledge to provide sustainable solutions and prepare technical professionals for new engineering challenges.


Engineering a sustainable future with Knovel

Get measurable results from a faster time to market and less business and compliance risk

  • Save time: Knovel users report saving up to 180 hours per year searching for engineering and materials information

  • Reduce risk: 83% of users report that Knovel helped them meet EHS and regulatory demands or key customer criteria

  • Optimize processes: Using information from Knovel, a manufacturer decreased motor failure rate by 5.5% saving $187,000 per year

  • Achieve Net Zero goals: 95% of users said Knovel is a trusted resource for becoming familiar with unfamiliar topics, technologies and processes

UI illustration showcasing Knovel material property search for SA-182

Solve complex engineering problems, including Net Zero and sustainability challenges

  • Support the transition to renewables and carbon-neutral technologies, solutions and materials

  • Explore Knovel’s topic clusters of trending research on solar, wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal

  • Validate designs for prototyping, scale-up and manufacturing

  • Improve process engineering with technical references and material property search

Engineer in field with solar panels with overlay of Knovel topic clusters

Knovel delivers trusted and relevant engineering insights with:

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Comprehensive sources

160 engineering content providers covering 35 subject areas and 230 subtopics.
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Essential knowledge

More than 12,000 resources curated from books to materials databases.
UI illustration showcasing Knovel material property search

Materials databases

Hundreds of thousands of materials and substances and more than 100 properties.
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Unique interactive tools

20,000 tables, 150,000 graphs, 3,000 equations, steam calculators and a unit converter.
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Text and numeric search designed for engineers

Search and filter by concept, content type and author. Analyze and locate answers in full-text reference materials.
UI illustration showcasing Knovel corrosion data content

Corrosion prevention

Case studies, coatings, isocorrosion curves and millions of corrosion-related data points.

"Knovel has a very good collection of different reference books, research papers, articles, handbooks and manuals for a wide variety of engineering domains. Not only the collection, but how it provides that collection in terms of utility to a user."

Industrial manufacturing leveraging data analytics


Engineer at a large enterprise industrial manufacturing company

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Knovel has engineering knowledge, tools and materials data to innovate quickly

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