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SciVal: Set the right course for your research programs

The world's top universities rely on SciVal's unparalleled, insightful analyses to optimize research strategy, collaboration and more.

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Get unparalleled insights on global research trends and expertise

Research leaders must make the right choices on research areas to pursue, building research teams, and forging partnerships across sectors and countries.

With insightful analyses based on the research performance of 23,000+ research institutions and researchers from 230+ countries, SciVal provides unparalleled support for data-informed decisions.

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Plan, execute and monitor your research strategy with unparalleled, insightful analyses

SciVal helps you visualize and benchmark research activities and performance of any research entity of interest.

Use SciVal to:

  • Understand and benchmark research performance, your portfolio of research strengths and the global research landscape

  • Analyze global, national and institutional research trends

  • Benchmark within and beyond your institution

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"SciVal makes our strategic planning more effective. We can analyze future research trends and university world rankings to create a research agenda and make strategic decisions about how we collaborate with other universities."

portrait photo of Huey-Jen Su


Huey-Jen Su

President en National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan

Expand collaborations and build research teams using global research data

SciVal helps you assess research partners and find experts across sectors, countries and research fields.

Use SciVal to:

  • Identify the key researchers working in specific Topics or Research Areas

  • Profile your current partnerships and identify potential partnership opportunities through deep analysis of co-authored works and research fields of interest

  • Build interdisciplinary research teams for targeted funding bids

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"The data from SciVal was a very important factor in helping us to identify our strengths. We used the information to identify a focus area for our design workshop as well as faculty to include."

Portrait photo of Stacy Esposito


Stacy Esposito

Executive Director, International projects, Knowledge Enterprise en Arizona State University

Customer success stories

Learn how a broad range of institutional users benefit from SciVal.

Webinar: Spurring innovation and building a team using SciVal insights

Hansa Magee, Assistant Director of Analytics at Arizona State University's Knowledge Enterprise, shares how she has been applying Scival Topics of Prominence to her work.

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Improving research strategy and enhance collaboration with SciVal at Kyoto University

Daichi Kohmoto from Kyoto University Research Administration Office (KURA) shares how they are using SciVal to improve their research strategy and enhance collaboration.

Read more stories about how SciVal enhances research programs and ecosystem:

More ways SciVal can benefit your institution

From analyzing research trends, benchmarking performance and more, SciVal helps research programs thrive through integrated modules.

Make the right strategic choices. Inquire about SciVal today.

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