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Illuminate your research impact with Researchfish

Researchfish is a comprehensive platform designed to help funders, charities, universities, and research centers track research outcomes and measure the impact of their projects. The platform uses advanced technology and algorithms to collect data from the web, external data sources, and researchers themselves. 

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Who is Researchfish for?

  • Funders and charities: Researchfish helps funders and charities report on research impact beyond academia and inform future funding strategies.

  • Universities: Universities adopt Researchfish to track the outcomes of research funded via various sources and better evaluate and articulate the impact of their whole portfolio.

  • Research centers: Researchfish allows centres to report on multiple funding sources and enable granular tracking and data collection.


Researchfish allows funders and research organizations to:

  • Empirically show the value of funded research

  • Draw upon a large pool of aggregated data to fully map the outcomes of any funded research

  • Capture a total picture of impact in all forms — not just publications, but also policy changes, medicines, new methods, creative productions, commercial and nonprofit “spin-outs,” and others


Common outcomes

Researchfish collects and enriches data for various standard outcomes uniquely attributed to specific awards. The platform offers the flexibility to be configured as required by individual funding organizations, charities, research centers, and universities. With 16 common outcomes tracked via Researchfish, we help you track a broad range of outcomes to maximize your research impact.

Tracking the impact

Con la confianza de una comunidad global

Únase a la creciente comunidad de organizaciones de investigación y financiadores que confían en Researchfish para ayudarlos a evaluar, articular y optimizar el impacto de su cartera de investigación.

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