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Digital Commons Data

Digital Commons Data is an institutional data repository for researchers, administrators and data curators to store, manage, publish and preserve an institution’s research data sets.

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Digital Commons Data module overview

Store, curate, share and preserve data

We offer data accessibility and collaboration at scale:

  • Secure, flexible storage that connects to institutional data

  • Ability to showcase data alongside other outputs

  • Interactive dashboards for visibility on inventory, usage and engagement of research data

  • Long-term data preservation 

  • Powerful tools to manage, administer and curate data

  • Seamless, real-time collaboration to prepare and publish datasets

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Dedicated, personalized support

Digital Commons Data is a turnkey, cloud-hosted and fully-supported module that delivers all the functionality to achieve an institutional research data management program without additional technical investment. All software maintenance, configuration and implementation is managed by Elsevier teams, saving users valuable time and reducing the need for local IT support. 

  • Dedicated support and software upgrades 

  • System training for all administrators 

  • Unlimited, personalized support from dedicated Consulting Services representatives

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Ready to talk data?

Get a secure and trusted repository to publish datasets following the F.A.I.R. principles — download the flyer(se abre en una nueva pestaña/ventana) and contact us today.

Our representatives can help you assess what’s best for your needs, whatever your institution's size, type or mission.

Digital Commons Data fact sheet