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Elsevier and the United Nations University–World Institute for Developmental Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) have established an agreement to help enable open access for research commissioned and funded by UNU-WIDER. This enables authors to comply with the institute's open access policy. This agreement covers research published after 1st October 2013.

Gold open access

  • Authors who are employed or funded by UNU-WIDER can publish their research open access in either an Elsevier open access journal or in a subscription journal which supports open access publishing.

  • Upon publication, Elsevier will:

    • Enable authors to identify themselves as being funded by UNU-WIDER via our funding body form.

    • Offer authors the choice of Creative Commons user licenses

    • Add the CrossMark® identifier and links back to the authoritative version of record on ScienceDirect.

    • Provide immediate and permanent free access to the final published article on ScienceDirect.

  • When publishing gold open access, after acceptance a publication fee needs to be paid. These associated costs will be paid directly from UNU-WIDER to Elsevier. Upon the author's notification that their article is covered by the UNU-WIDER policy, no fee will be required to be paid during the publication process by the author.

  • In addition to this, authors are also able to immediately post the final open access article to both an appropriate repository of UNU-WIDER and other relevant repository's of the author's choosing. Read more on author rights.

Green open access

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