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Datasets for AI and digital transformation

AI and digital transformation are moving mainstream at an accelerated pace. Combine your internal knowledge with our domain-specific curated and enriched data to answer R&D questions with greater precision. Explore data packages and custom options below.

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Accelerate discovery

Integrate reliable and actionable scientific data into custom applications and third-party tools to enable business use cases, such as:

  • Enterprise, federated, and/or semantic search

  • Business intelligence dashboards

  • Knowledge graph creation

  • Rising star and KOL analyses

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Accurate analyses

Transform validated data into scientific insights by incorporating Elsevier datasets within your computational ecosystems to:

  • Train algorithms and neural networks

  • Develop predictive models, such as material property predictions or drug-drug interactions

  • Perform protein-ligand binding QSAR

  • Automate and enhance tasks and workflows

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What types of datasets are available?

Innovation Intelligence: Scientific insights for better outcomes. Learn more about datasets.

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