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Resolve challenges with data quality and integration, enabling innovative discoveries and more informed decisions

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Eliminate data silos and discover more

Properly informed decisions in drug development can reduce costs and accelerate the road to market. Yet gaining new insights relies on access to relevant and accurate data. Still, having access to data is not the same as having answers.

Normalising and organising life science data from disparate sources in integrated silos facilitates the ability of researchers to compare, analyse, interpret and share data. This broader access and potential for collaboration increases the opportunities to drive pharmaceutical research in innovative directions.

Eliminate data silos and discover more - Professional Services | Elsevier Solutions

Maximise R&D productivity and reduce IT costs

Elsevier is more than an information provider. It's a trusted partner in the curation, normalisation and integration of life science data. Composed of experts in life sciences research and informatics solutions, the R&D Solutions Professional Services team enables customers to increase R&D productivity, increase the return on information and reduce the cost of IT support.

Drawing on Elsevier’s 140+ years’ experience in curating and classifying life science data, the Professional Services team partners customers to design tailored solutions that address specific needs. Count on Professional Services to:

  • customise data retrieval in order to pinpoint relevant answers in the vast amount of published scientific literature
  • optimise data integration and normalisation processes that facilitate comparison and analysis
  • harmonise internal and third-party resources to create integrated, customised databases