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The Future of Health

Elsevier Health sees a bright future for global health. And it’s a future that we’re building together.

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For the benefit of every patient

We unite in our reliance on the science and the truth behind trusted medical information. In supporting millions of students to become practice-ready professionals. In collaborating to build a more inclusive world. In treating every patient equally and fairly. In using data-driven advancements to improve outcomes through evidence, insights and innovation. And in helping clinicians to identify the most optimal treatment for one patient, or entire populations.

Why do we do this? The same reason you do. For the benefit of every patient.

Discover the future of health

We are helping to usher in cutting-edge, thoughtful and inclusive healthcare that empowers clinicians and patients. With trusted resources to help produce better-trained health professionals and uncover critical insights, the future of health is now.

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Our five pillars for the future of health

Preparing more future health professionals

How can we prepare future professionals for a successful healthcare career? It starts by engaging with students meaningfully across diverse learning environments and focusing more on competency-based learning to ensure they are practice-ready.

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Delivering insights that improve outcomes

How can we unlock the way we care for patients and improve global health? By looking to advancements in digital health and data collection that have yielded a new generation of information.

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Making healthcare truly inclusive

The foundation of innovation lies with diversity and inclusion. At Elsevier, we have a diverse group of people creating our education and solutions. By reflecting the diversity of our world we ensure that we foster a more equitable healthcare worldwide.

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Personalizing and localizing

It's essential to consider the needs of individual patients, grounded in the context of where they live. That's why we connect Elsevier’s trusted content and technology to clinicians worldwide, so they are better able to make informed decisions. Our goal is to continue to drive those solutions, both in education and practice, for the benefit of every patient, everywhere.

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Taking on the infodemic

Misinformation can spread rapidly. Elsevier helps ease insecurities by providing relevant, accurate, vetted information, allowing healthcare professionals to respond to public needs efficiently and effectively.

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Navigating the rapidly evolving world of healthcare

The rise of generative artificial intelligence (GAI) has triggered intense debate around its potential for transforming healthcare delivery. Understanding local clinicians’ attitudes toward GAI will be crucial in ensuring this technology can improve patient outcomes.

Our new report asks clinicians worldwide for their responses to this emerging technology. Their answers reveal a willingness to embrace GAI alongside trepidation as to how this new technology will be applied to patient care and how medical education will need to respond.

The report also examines concerns around the shortage of doctors and nurses, which remains a critical apprehension, particularly in the UK and US.

How can stakeholders in healthcare meet this challenge and work together to reduce burnout? How can training equip clinicians for future challenges? How can they respond to empowered patient demands, an intensifying focus on public health, and evolving value-based healthcare systems? What role will clinical research and digital health technologies play?

Discover more about how clinicians across the world view these challenges — and how to respond to them — in our Clinician of the Future 2023 report. Read the full reportopens in new tab/window or the executive briefopens in new tab/window now.

Report for Clinician of the Future 2023

The new Clinician of the Future 2023 report is here

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