R&D Solutions
for OIL and GAS

Intuitive solutions and data for the oil and gas industry that increase productivity and reduce costs

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R&D Solutions
for OIL and GAS

Intuitive solutions and data for the oil and gas industry that increase productivity and reduce costs

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Becoming more efficient, effective and productive in a volatile market

From the dramatic decline in oil prices to the need to drastically cut costs and mitigate risk, oil and gas companies have been facing major challenges - and all while continuing to comply with tightening emissions and environmental standards.

How we help

Elsevier R&D Solutions offers several solutions that allow scientists and engineers working across the value chain to make better decisions, identify and/or develop new technologies, and optimise existing processes, allowing teams to work more effectively and efficiently, thereby reducing overall costs. Learn how decision-support solutions like Geofacets, Knovel, ScienceDirect, and Scopus can advance your research by leveraging the unique foundation of Elsevier's deep expertise in data, science and technology.

R&D solutions for exploration & production

We empower exploration teams to make more effective interpretations that reduce risk, enhance recommendations, and ultimately improve exploration strategies and success rates. By providing access to the latest engineering research and technology, we enable petroleum engineers to optimise development and production as well as limit health and safety risks while ensuring that fields remain profitable.

R&D solutions for refining & petrochemical

We provide engineers working in refineries and petrochemical plants with unparalleled access to scientific, technical and engineering information. This helps optimise production, reduce downtime due to maintenance, and adhere to health, environmental and safety regulations.

Our customers

Thousands of researchers and other oil and gas R&D professionals working in exploration, production, refining and petrochemicals. We serve:

  • 60% of Fortune 500 Oil & Gas companies (by revenue)
  • 65% Forbes Top 25 Global E&P Companies (by boe/day production)
  • 65% Top Integrated Oil Companies (Platts Top 250 Global Energy Rankings)
  • 45% Top Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Companies (Platts Top 250 Global Energy Rankings)

Elsevier's R&D solutions for Oil and Gas


Geofacets helps oil and gas companies rank E&P opportunities and prospects with more confidence by providing users with access to published scientific maps, figures (e.g., seismic profiles, cross–sections, etc.) and tables that easily integrate with GIS projects.


Knovel helps oil and gas companies minimise risk while maximising output by providing engineers access to technical reference materials and interactive tools for developing and managing projects with greater efficiency and certainty.


ScienceDirect, Elsevier's leading information solution, enables oil and gas companies to accelerate research and broaden knowledge horizons by providing visibility on the latest state–of–the–art technology advances such as high–resolution subsurface imaging, carbon capture and storage, and catalysis.


Scopus, the world's largest abstract and citation database of peer–reviewed literature, helps oil and gas companies drive discovery and innovation forward by enabling researchers to find top experts by research subject or geographic areas, and identify leading drilling and completion technologies being developed and patented by industry leaders.