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Confidence In Research: Researchers in the spotlight

In this age of generative AI and misinformation, it is crucial for researchers to be able to prioritize quality information, ensure transparency in their work and be equipped to communicate their findings with the public. Following our landmark 2022 study, we’re asking researchers to voice their experiences and needs about the challenges and opportunities around building Confidence in Research.

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Does minimalism have a place in research?

Minimalism is a growing trend in life and work, but can researchers benefit from the approach of “less is more”? Two early-career researchers weigh in on where it works, what to avoid — and how they’re using AI.

HM Kamrul Hassan poses with a humanoid at Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, where robots take orders and serve food. He visited the restaurant as part of his work with humanoid service robots.

Enabling researcher success with generative AI

As a researcher in environmental engineering, Bruno Augustoopens in new tab/window has an acute understanding of the dangers of misinformation. Find out how Scopus AI helps balance reliability with a new world of efficiency and insight.