Our Nursing 2020 Celebration

With profound gratitude for all you do, we at Elsevier and our nurses celebrate you during the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

Your mission to care means everything, especially now during the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. In our time of need, you are here for us when we need you most – always teaching, always learning, always caring.

Today and every day we celebrate nurses everywhere – from the front lines to those leading the way. Your exceptional dedication inspires us.

You’re not alone: We’re here to help

Healthcare Hub

We know it takes a community — and continual learning — to keep moving forward. To help you through the current crisis and empower your mission to care, Elsevier is offering a dedicated COVID-19 Healthcare Hub.

Visit the Healthcare Hub
Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses

Webinar: Transforming the future of nursing through education and technology

Nursing published articles

Elsevier supports your mission to care by empowering nurses, now and always.

During these times, we’re thankful for all you do to keep us safe. Your compassion and dedication are our inspiration. Thank you.