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Special collections

We help you grow your institution’s global reputation by showcasing the impact of your research and activities.

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Combining unsurpassed research and database technology, high-impact publications, and marketing strategy, Special Collections helps to:

Demonstrate your organization’s vision and innovation in academic research, based on insights from data analytics and academic output

Provide extensive multi-channel marketing to increase your organisation's global exposure

Increase your institution’s international visibility, gain worldwide recognition, and join the ranks of other world-class research institutions

For who

Elsevier’s Special Collections showcases the academic achievements of the following institutions and organizations:


Elevate your visibility among other influential, top-tier universities and faculties. We promote the strength of your research, achievements, and activities, which in turn helps attract outstanding talent and creates opportunities for international collaboration.

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Research institutions

An impressive academic image creates extraordinary results. Elsevier’s online and offline omni-channel marketing and cross-platform media communications work to establish your institution’s brand for international visibility among the scientific community.

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Science Technology Medical organizations & administrations

Promoting the contributions to scientific research taking place in your region builds bridges for your scientific community. We design the tools that link the most attractive developments in local academic achievement with potential partners and investors.

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How Special Collections showcases your institution’s research achievements:

Outstanding and original content

Every Special Collection opens with a refined introduction about an institution, followed by a series of in-depth interviews with influential scholars and institution leaders about their work. Produced by Elsevier’s professional content creation team, this tells the story behind the research, enhancing your institution's unique image and brand reputation.

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Open access to high-impact research

Special Collections highlights selected articles that have been published in world-renowned academic journals. The selection is powered by Elsevier’s comprehensive database of flagship academic journals, the globally-recognized resource of highly-cited academic papers.

Metrics that measure academic success

Your Special Collection includes an extended research portfolio using data analytics driven by Elsevier’s Scopus database and the research management and analysis tool SciVal. We compile an analysis based on research output, growth, impact, and more to demonstrate the full impact and prestige of your institution.

High impact research & measure academic success infographic
Beijing outsized contribution & research topic prominence infographic

Dynamic multimedia and promotion

A team of industry-leading, visual design experts create a customized layout for your website with promotional videos and other multimedia that showcase your institution’s activities.

Once your Special Collections website is published and launched, Elsevier’s communication channels promote your institution’s work globally, utilizing relevant marketing, poster campaigns, banner ads, social media, with the option of customized materials that is downloadable from the website.

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Dynamic multimedia and promotion screenshot

Case studies

Excellence in Oncology and Cancer Research in Beijing

Highlighting outstanding research and achievements in the field of cancer and oncology over the past decade

Excellence in oncology and cancer research in Beijing header

Celebrating Nankai University’s 100th Anniversary

A comprehensive showcase of Nankai University's latest & foremost influential research results of different subjects

Nankai University

Our services include:

  • Original multilingual content relevant to your organization created by our talented, professional writers

  • Clear, intuitive data infographics created by Elsevier’s data-analysis tool

  • A unique combination of quality content and data analytics used to tailor promotional solutions for research institutions

  • A beautifully-produced video promoting the research institution and its academic achievements

  • A compilation of high-impact and highly-cited papers published by your institution, with links to the full text in the following formats:

    • A subject-based collection prefaced with an introduction and summary

    • A collection of specific topics in your field

    • A collection of articles based on Elsevier Premium Journal Brands

  • A dynamic, multilingual, and user-friendly website created exclusively for your organization with branding for academic research institutions in mind

  • The option of an exclusive booklet in both digital and printed editions of the website’s interviews, papers, and analytics

  • Synchronised online and offline marketing campaigns

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