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Excellence in Oncology and Cancer Research in Beijing

A case study highlighting outstanding research and achievements in the field of cancer and oncology over the past decade

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Cancer is one of the most serious threats to public health today. Through tackling this major cause of death, institutions in Beijing have taken the lead as a major cancer research hub. Researchers in Beijing excel in international and domestic oncology research, contributing innovative ideas to the most relevant topics at the frontier of cancer research.

To highlight outstanding research and achievements in the field of cancer and oncology over the past decade, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission (BMSTC) and Elsevier’s Cell Press jointly launched the exclusive Special Collection Excellence in Oncology and Cancer Research in Beijingopens in new tab/window.

Mission and objectives:

  • Feature the latest progress and research findings from Beijing’s top oncology and cancer research institutions and their outstanding scientists to international and domestic research institutions

  • Tell the stories behind the researchers who are on the front line of oncology and cancer prevention and control in Beijing, and their development of cancer research in the past ten years

  • Benchmark Beijing oncology and cancer research progress against global trends

  • Promote academic cooperation and exchange between Beijing’s oncology and cancer research institutions and international research centers

  • Promote public awareness of oncology and cancer research

Solutions and outcome

Working with the Beijing Municipal of Science and Technology Commission, Elsevier’s Special Collections team designed and customized a website to achieve the stated objectives. The solutions include:

In-depth interviews

Based on in-depth interviewsopens in new tab/window with six of Beijing’s outstanding experts working to propel the advancement of scientific discovery and clinical care, Elsevier’s professional writers created articles that tell the story behind the researchers and the mindset that drives their discoveries.

Qimin Zhan, M.D.opens in new tab/window President of Peking University Health Science Center, President of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

You need not only a wealth of medical knowledge and superb medical skills, but also a love for humanity.

Image of Qimin Zhan

Qimin Zhan, M.D

Zemin Zhang, Ph.D.opens in new tab/window Professor, School of Life Sciences, Peking University

Beijing has a wealth of clinical resources. On top of that, doctors and patients are highly cooperative.

Image of Zemin Zhang

Zemin Zhang, Ph.D

Chen Wu, Ph.D.opens in new tab/window Professor, National Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

We have to be with the patients to understand what they need first.

Image of Chen Wu

Chen Wu, Ph.D

Xin Lin, Ph.D.opens in new tab/window Professor and Chairman, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Tsinghua University School of Medicine

As a cancer patient himself, he has a deeper understanding of patients’ expectations

Image of Xin Lin

Xin Lin, Ph.D

Yonghui Zhang, Ph.D.opens in new tab/window Associate Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tsinghua University

Zhang defines himself as 'a scientist studying tumor immunity through the lens of chemistry'.

Image of Yonghui Zhang

Yonghui Zhang, Ph.D

Meng Chen, Ph.D.opens in new tab/window Deputy Director of National Cancer Data Center, National Cancer Center/Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College

The development and utilization of big data relies on having a high-quality database.

Image of Meng Chen

Meng Chen Ph.D

High impact paper collection

Excellence in Oncology and Cancer Research in Beijing includes 10 highly cited and influential academic papers published in Cell Pressopens in new tab/window, Elsevier’s flagship family of academic journals, by the most representative scholars in Beijing focusing on oncology and cancer research. Those journals include Cell, Cancer Cell, and Cell Reports. The papers highlight a broad scope of diverse topics, such as immunotherapy, molecular markers, tumor microbiology, and the use of single-cell sequencing technology to study antagonism in tumor therapy.

Cover images of Cell Press journals

Cell Press journals

Research performance and data analytics

Elsevier used its proprietary database Scopus and data analytics tool SciVal to mine data on Beijing’s academic output in the field of oncology and cancer research over the past decadeopens in new tab/window: the number of publications, citation impact, patent output, collaborations, and more. Based on the data analysis, Elsevier made a series of infographics that clearly and visually present the rapid development and outstanding achievements of various scientific research institutions in Beijing from 2010 to 2019.

Dedicated introduction video

The introduction videoopens in new tab/window “Excellence in Oncology and Cancer Research in Beijing” was promoted and disseminated across all of Elsevier’s platforms and communications channels. The video not only captures the viewer’s attention with unique perspective and beautiful graphics, but also transforms complex and profound research results and scientific discoveries into in-depth visual content. It is a concise introduction to the core content of the feature, the interviews, and the relevant research topics and achievements.

Exclusive international website

Elsevier worked with an industry-leading website design team to make an exclusive international website for the Excellence in Oncology and Cancer Research in Beijingopens in new tab/window Special Collection. Its modern design and dynamic visualisations present the content in a high-tech digital format. The dedicated website contains all the content in the Special Collection, fully showcasing the innovative contributions from the Beijing area at the frontier of oncology and cancer research.

Omni-channel marketing activities

Elsevier’s experienced marketing team and global communications channels provided a six-month promotional campaign for all products related to the Special Collection (e.g. website, video, electronic, and hard-copy collection). The campaign includes email and social media outreach, banners on Elsevier’s website and its affiliated premium journals, and offline promotion at relevant academic conferences. The collection is designed to enhance the international academic reputation of Beijing-based research institutions, raise their academic profile in the relevant research fields at home and abroad, and attract quality collaboration opportunities.

Excellence in Oncology and Cancer Research in Beijing-book cover