Newsflo measures an academic’s societal impact by uncovering relevant mentions of their research across tens of thousands of mass media outlets around the world

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Newsflo offers researchers and academic institutions a way to measure the wider impact of their work by tracking and analysing media coverage of their publications and findings.

Demonstrating the impact of research on society will become more important with increasing competition for research funding and attracting students. Newsflo’s innovative service will therefore provide input for the growing recognition of alternative metrics, supplementing the more traditional impact measures based on citations.

Pioneered by Newsflo Ltd in 2012, the start-up company was acquired by Elsevier in 2015 and is currently integrating its media monitoring solutions into the Elsevier ecosystem.


The core components of Newsflo are:

  • almost real-time feed of news articles with coverage from over 45,000 (English-speaking) news outlets in over 20 countries including the USA, India, China, Brazil and all major European countries
  • sophisticated, high-precision search via Scopus ID and affiliation or EID of an article
  • clever clustering of similar stories from different sources - an advanced text clustering algorithm which clusters relevant news articles together within a time based window.

Newsflo integrations

The Newsflo media monitoring capability will be integrated with various Elsevier platforms and products.

  • Mendeley – What is your societal impact? View your mass media output and the latest news on research within your network on the Mendeley platform.
    • Monitor your own mentions in the media via your personal stats page
    • Stay up to date with the news about people in your research network via the newsfeed page – to be implemented Q4 2016-Q1 2017
  • Scival – Visualise the societal impact of your institute and researchers over time in Scival. Look into the media coverage per research area (field-weighted) and media source (media exposure) – to be implemented September-October 2016
  • Pure – Showcase media mentions through live feeds sent directly to Pure and your public Pure Portal, obtaining reliable and trustworthy aggregated data on press coverage insights for researchers across your institution.

These are just the first of many places where you will be able to explore Newsflow’s capabilities. Stay tuned for future integrations.


Integration of Newsflo into individual researchers' Mendeley profiles will provide our users with additional evidence of the societal impact of their research. These "media impact metrics" go beyond the usual citation counts and academic interactions to tell a more complete and rounded story of how research is perceived and used by the general public.

Victor Henning, CEO/Co-founder of Mendeley