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Comprehensive radiology curriculum

Determine training objectives, sharpen diagnostic skills, track learning progress and gain practical knowledge with RADPrimer.

Female doctor working on computer

Comprehensive radiology training for all levels

RADPrimer allows physicians to customize their educational path, focusing on the topics that matter most. RADPrimer allows radiologists to use their time efficiently as they work toward professional advancement.

  • Topic-focused lessons present specific diagnoses, anatomy, differential diagnoses, and assessment questions related to the topic

  • RADPrimer provides over 5,300 case-based learning and traditional questions

Male student following radiology training on laptop. X-ray photo of a chest with a test question

For academics

RADPrimer’s expert-guided curriculum allows residents to study efficiently, track their progress and enter the field of radiology with confidence.

  • Prepare to become a confident radiologist with more than 7,000 assessment questions

  • Study efficiently and track your progress with ready-made lessons

Student working on her laptop

For professionals

A tailored experience means practicing radiologists can access focused materials and specialize their studies to pursue professional advancement.

  • Analyze performance results to ensure success with tracking tools to provide insight into performance

  • Monitor and document progress and performance with individual and program-wide reports on progress

Radiologists viewing xrays on large screen

Stay updated in the rapidly changing medical landscape of radiology

The most recent resources available:

  • Comprehensive curriculum that covers core radiology disciplines

  • Expert-written diagnoses and annotated images

  • Integrated search functionality

X-ray photographs of a bicornate uterus and a septate uterus