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Inspec on Engineering Village

What is Inspec?

Inspec Analytics, a dynamic research intelligence tool based on the Inspec database, is fully integrated with Engineering Village. Inspec Analytics allows users to explore beyond the literature and uncover trends and patterns across thousands of organizations. The Inspec database, created by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), contains over 22 million records from across global publishers to deliver quality content to a wide range of research communities.

Cultivate curiosity

For over 50 years, Inspec has been the essential discovery tool for numerous prestigious institutions worldwide. Inspec uses precise, subject-specific indexing to make it easy to pinpoint the exact research you need from the vast collection, saving time and ultimately, resources.

Inspec can be supplemented with the Inspec Archive to extend coverage. These series of journals cover 837,000 records dating back to 1898.

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Who is Inspec for?

Inspec provides academia, industry, and government with an intuitive, searchable database that covers a wide variety of fields.

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What does Inspec cover?

Inspec contains records across physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computers and control, mechanical and production engineering, information technology and more.

The content includes journals, conference proceedings, preprints, reports, books, patents, dissertations, standards, patents, videos, trade journals and consumer magazines.


Key stats

  • Content size (and counting): 21+ million records >1969

  • Content sources (and counting): 500+ publishers worldwide

  • Inspec subject coverage: Physics & Astrophysics (53%)


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