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Databases on Engineering Village

Engineering Village's databases, including Compendex and Inspec, are deeply-indexed and managed by domain experts.

Take advantage of seamless, accurate search, and help your engineers stay up to date, find answers and make an impact.

Technical drawing illustration of gears and engineering parts


The interdisciplinary scholarly and technical literature in Compendex features content from the latest Engineering findings to historical research and innovations. Comprised of journals, conference proceedings, dissertations, standards, books, and recently preprints, Compendex content is sourced from thousands of publishers from around the world, including major engineering societies such as IEEE, ASME, SAE and ACM.

It is a tool of choice for 85% of the Top 20* ranked Engineering schools in the US and 75% of the Top 20* ranked Engineering schools worldwide.

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Computer engineers meeting

Inspec and Inspec Archive

Inspec is an intuitive, searchable database that covers a wide variety of fields.

  • The Inspec database, created by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), contains over 22M records covering physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computers and control, information technology and more

  • The Inspec Archive to extends coverage with 837,000 records dating back to 1898

  • Inspec Analytics is a dynamic research intelligence tool based on the Inspec database and is fully integrated with Engineering Village to allows users to uncover trends and patterns

Learn more about Inspec

Robotic arm in assembly manufacturing factory

Which database is right for you?

Contact our experts to help you choose the best database to suit your needs.

Ei Backfile (exclusive to Engineering Village)

The Ei Backfile provides a comprehensive, historical view of engineering innovations predating 1970. First published in 1884, the Engineering Index documented virtually every major engineering innovation from around the world, and covers the disciplines of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering (electricity, coal mining , manufacturing, steel, bridge building, automotive, aerospace and transportation industries etc.).

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Chemical equipment on table of lab circa 1930s

Ei Patents

Ei Patents allows researchers to explore to scientific and technical information found within US (USPTO), European (EPO) and World (WIPO) patent records. Ei Patients is updated weekly, covers patent applications as well as granted patents, and search is utilized by US, CPC and IPC classifications.

Knowledge data and protection


GEOBASE is a database of indexed research covering relevant international geoscience and geography literature, with an emphasis on human and physical geography, ecology, geology, oceanography, geomechanics and international development studies/impacts.

GEOBASE enables comprehensive geological evaluation of any desired region, including geological structure and relation to natural resources as well as linking resource management, transport, and regional and urban planning.

The content crosses subject, language and cultural boundaries, providing a unique research tool to users.

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USA Alaska oil pipeline


Produced by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI), GeoRef is focused on comprehensive coverage of geology and geoscience literature and is the most in-depth A&I database available for the geoscience literature and research. Content is indexed with geoscience terms from the GeoRef Thesaurus, and geolocation data is also assigned, when applicable.

The database contains over 4.6 million records, dating from 1666. GeoRef covers the following subject categories(Wird in neuem Tab/Fenster geöffnet).

Female scientist with digital tablet and graphical geological data projection

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) database is the US Federal Government’s Clearinghouse for scientific, technical information (STEI) produced by or for Federal agencies, as such is the premier source of unclassified reports from the United States and international government agencies.

NTIS covers a range of subject areas including Electrotechnology, Energy and Health Care (subject list(Wird in neuem Tab/Fenster geöffnet)).

The database contains 2.6 million reports/items, of which 82% originate in the US and 18% come from other countries. 3,836 come from international organizations (see more(Wird in neuem Tab/Fenster geöffnet)).

The United States capitol building


PaperChem is a database of abstracted and indexed literature created specifically for research in the pulp and paper industries and academic departments, covering chemistry and engineering to production technology, and indexed with the Thesaurus of Pulp and Paper. The content is carefully curated from the pulp and paper focused publications as well as the pulp and paper related papers published in multidisciplinary publications.

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Paper mill factory

Chemical Business NewsBase

Chemical Business NewsBase (CBNB) provides timely information for tracking market trends, commercial, and regulatory developments in the chemical and chemical engineering industry.

It includes financial and business data from influential chemical companies, the latest industry R&D news, intelligence on government legislation changes, and analysis of economic trend, score trade journals, newspapers, and company newsletters, news, in-depth commentary and insightful analysis regarding the chemical industry.

See which industrial sectors(Wird in neuem Tab/Fenster geöffnet) are covered.

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Cosmetic chemical plant in Kawasaki Japan


Chimica bietet Forschenden in den Bereichen Chemie und Chemieingenieurwesen eine wöchentlich aktualisierte Datenbank mit Abstracts aus der Fachliteratur zu diesen Fachgebieten und indexiert die einflussreichsten internationalen chemischen Wissenschaftsjournals, um Ingenieur*innen über die neuesten Entwicklungen in ihrem Fachgebiet auf dem Laufenden zu halten.

Chemist working with chemicals

Title suggestions and Content selection criteria

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