This volume attempts to bring together a collection of current approaches to, and related empirical investigations on, the development of coordination in the first two years of life. It will be of interest to scientists and students in, for example, biology, human movement sciences, kinesiology, psychology, pediatrics, physiology, physical education, physical therapy and robotics.

Contributors include those with established reputations in the field, as well as young authors, who are beginning to make their mark. Their efforts resulted in twenty chapters, of which seventeen were invited. The chapters have been divided into four sections. The first chapter is intended to outline the structure of the book.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors. Preface. Perspectives on the Development of Movement Coordination in Infancy (G.J.P. Savelsbergh). Section 1: Theoretical Approaches to the Development of Movement Coordination. The Emergence of New Skills: Dialectic Relations Between Knowledge Systems (P. Mounoud). Motor Abilities as Causal Agents in Infant Cognitive Development (J.G. Bremner). The Role of Motor Development in Infancy: Reactions to Mounoud and Bremner (H.N. Zelaznik). Concepts and Methods for a Dynamical Approach to Behavioral Coordination and Change (P.G. Zanone, J.A.S. Kelso, J.J. Jeka). Perception-Action Coupling in Infancy (M.A. Schmuckler). The Evolving Perceptual-Motor Workspace in Infancy: Reactions to Zanone, Kelso, Jeka and Schmuckler (K.M. Newell, P.V. McDonald). Section 2: Motility, Stability and Mobility in the Development of Coordination. Prenatal Behavior Development: Ontogenetic Adaptations and Non-Linear Processes (R.R. Provine). Frames of Reference Underlying Early Movement Coordination (F. Jouen, J.C. Lepecq, O. Gapenne). Hand-Mouth Coordination in the Newborn: Morphology, Determinants and Early Development of a Basic Act (Ph. Rochat). The Coordination of Infant's Reaching, Grasping, Catching and Posture: A Natural Physical Approach (G.J.P. Savelsbergh, J. Van der Kamp). Systems Contributing to the Emergence and Maturation of Stability in Postnatal Development (H. Sveistrup, M.H. Woollacott). Posture and Independent Locomotion in Early Childhood: Learning to Walk or Learning Dynamic Postural Control? (B. Bril, Y. Brenière). Locomotor Coordination in Infancy: The Transition from Walking to Running (L.W. Forrester, S.J. Phillips, J.E. Clark). Posture and Communication in Mother-Infant Interaction (A. Fogel, E. Nwokah, H. Hsu, J.Young Dedo, H. Walker). Section 3: Development of Movement Coordination in Infants at Risk. Early Motor Development in Preterm Children (R.H. Largo). Dynamic Systems Approach to U


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