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Table of Contents

I. Regional Spinal Anatomy

Chapter 1: Clinically Relevant Anatomy of the Cervical Region

Chapter 2: Clinically Relevant Anatomy of the Thoracic Region

Chapter 3: Clinically Relevant Anatomy of the Lumbar and Sacral Region

II Clinical Evaluation of the Spine Patient

Chapter 4: Evaluation of Cervical Spine Disorders

Chapter 5: Evaluation of Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Disorders

Chapter 6: Evaluation of the Spine Trauma Patient

Chapter 7: Evaluation of Spinal Deformities

Chapter 8: Disability Evaluation

III Spinal Imaging

Chapter 9: Strategies for Imaging in Spinal Disorders

Chapter 10: Radiographic Assessment of the Spine

Chapter 11: Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Spine

Chapter 12: Computed Tomography and CT-Myelography

Chapter 13: Nuclear Imaging and Spinal Disorders

IV Assesssment and Non-surgical Management of Spinal Disorders

Chapter 14: Rehabilitation Medicine Approaches to Spinal Disorders

Chapter 15: Pharmacologic Management of Chronic Spinal Pain

Chapter 16: Diagnostic and Theraputic Spinal Injections

Chapter 17: Electrodiagnosis in Spinal Disorders

Chapter 18: Spinal Orthoses

Chapter 19: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatment for Back Pain

V Surgical Management of the Spine: General Considerations

Chapter 20: Indications for Surgical Intervention in Spinal Disorders

Chapter 21: When Not to Operate for Spinal Disorders

Chapter 22: Preoperative Assessment and Planning for Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery

Chapter 23: Procedures for Decompression of the Spinal Cord and Nerve Roots

Chapter 24: Spinal Arthrodesis and Bone-Grafting Techniques

Chapter 25: Surgical Approaches to the Cervical Spine


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