Social Media

Social Media

The Academic Library Perspective

1st Edition - November 26, 2018

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  • Editor: Nina Verishagen
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780081024096
  • eBook ISBN: 9780081024102

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Social Media: The Academic Library Perspective provides a step-by-step guide on social media as written by somebody who has already done the work. Made up of case studies written by authors at various institutions who provide different perspectives on their institution’s use of social media, the book highlights successes and failures, while also focusing on tips for social media management in the academic library that anybody in the community can interpret and adapt. Social media platforms are dealt with systematically, making this an essential guide for librarians who want to use social media to the benefit of their library.

Key Features

  • Includes a step-by-step guide on the use of social media for academic libraries
  • Presents practical experience leveraged in the form of case studies
  • Provides quick, concise, and systematic recommendations for the use of social media
  • Written by academic librarians for academic librarians


Academic librarians, library leaders, early-career librarians, library administrators, university administrators and leaders, graduate students and researchers in library and information science

Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors xiii

    About the Authors xvii

    Foreword xxvii

    Acknowledgments xxix

    Introduction xxxi

    Part I The Social Media Landscape at the

    Academic Library

      1. How to Assess Students’ Social Media Preferences:
      2. A Comparison at Two Academic Institutions

        Dan Sich and Mark Aaron Polger

        1. Introduction: Reason for Study
        2. Some Background
        3. Our Institutions
        4. Survey Questions
        5. Ethics Approval
        6. Timeline and Response
        7. Sampling and Distribution
        8. Questionnaire Results
        9. Recommendations and Limitations
        10. Suggestions for Future Research
        11. What to Do With the Results
        12. Conclusion


      3. Social Media Committees: Sharing the Library’s Voice
      4. Alejandra Nann and Nina Verishagen

        1. Introduction
        2. University of San Diego’s Copley Library Social Media Committee
        3. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library’s Social Media Committee
        4. Tips for Any Social Media Committee
        5. Final Words



        vi Contents

        Appendix A: Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library Social Media Plan 2015-20

        Appendix B: Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library Social Media Committee

        Terms of Reference—Key Excerpts

        Appendix C: Social Media Committee Guidelines Document

      5. The Right Social Media Platform for Your Library
      6. Morgan Swan

        1. Consider Your Institutional Context
        2. Identify Your Intended Outcomes or Goals
        3. Take Stock of Your Current Social Media Commitment
        4. Understand the Pros and Cons of Each Platform of Interest
        5. Determine Which Platform Best Matches Your Library


      7. Social Media Best Practices: Implementing Guidelines
      8. for Disability and Copyright

        Sarah Christensen and J.J. Pionke

        1. Introduction
        2. Literature Review
        3. Social Media and Copyright
        4. Practical Guidelines on Social Media and Copyright
        5. Social Media and Accessibility
        6. Practical Guidelines on Social Media and Accessibility
        7. Conclusion


        Further Reading

      9. Using Scheduling Apps to Streamline a Social Media
      10. Workflow

        Samantha Paul and Michael Holt

        1. Introduction
        2. How We Picked the Apps to Review
        3. Common Themes and Trends
        4. App Reviews
        5. Trello Case Study
        6. Conclusions


        Further Reading



        Part II Tried and Tested by Librarians: Social

        Media Case Studies

      11. Instagram
        1. Case Study 1: Using Instagram to Engage Students During Library Orientation
        2. Katie Hutchison and Stephanie Henderson

          1. Background
          2. Library Week
          3. The InstaHunt
          4. What Worked
          5. What Didn't Work
          6. Recommendations
          7. Using Instagram After Library Week
          8. Final Words

        3. Case Study 2: Enhancing Your Instagram Following Through Interdepartmental Collaboration
        4. Jen Park and Steve Fowler

          1. Introduction
          2. The Dilemma
          3. Proposal for Collaboration
          4. Planning
          5. Speak With Target Demographic About Contest Design
          6. Marketing
          7. What Worked
          8. What Didn't Work
          9. Recommendations
          10. Final Words

        5. Case Study 3: Student Social Media Representatives and Instagram: Connecting With the Campus Community Through Library Student Workers
        6. Laura Wilson

          1. The Situation
          2. In Heather’s Words: Her Experience Posting to Our Libraries’
          3. Instagram

          4. Analyzing Success
          5. What Worked
          6. What Didn't Work
          7. Recommendations
          8. Final Words


          viii Contents

        7. Case Study 4: Are We Failing at Instagram?

        Matthew Blaine and Jacalyn Kremer












      12. Twitter
        1. Case Study 1: Tweeting to Success: Managing an Academic Library’s Twitter Campaign to Enhance User Engagement
        2. Emy N. Decker

          1. Background
          2. International Games Day
          3. How Twitter Promoted International Games Day
          4. Using Twitter on International Games Day
          5. Assessment
          6. Successes
          7. What Worked
          8. Failures
          9. What Didn't Work
          10. Final Thoughts

        3. Case Study 2: Drop Everything and Tweet: Building Community on Your Campus
        4. Joanna Ewing, Amber Wilson and Karen Pruneda

          1. Campaign Background
          2. UCA Library Twitter Implementation
          3. Approach/Plan
          4. Developing Organizational Strategies
          5. Identifying Collaborators
          6. Marketing
          7. What Worked
          8. What Didn't Work
          9. Recommendations
          10. Final Words





    Contents ix

        1. Case Study 3: What Do You Do When They Start Talking Back? Training Librarians for Next-Level Twitter Engagement Using Springshare’s LibAnswers
        2. Sheeji Kathuria and Amanda Clay Powers








        3. Case Study 4: Rising Above the Noise: Increasing Local Engagement Through a Global Hashtag Campaign

    Emily Jack





    The Idea



    The Execution


    Measuring Success



    Why It Worked



    The Best-Laid Plans...



    What Worked



    What Didn't Work






    Final Words



      1. Facebook
        1. Case Study 1: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: UAB Libraries and Facebook’s Mis(sed)connection
        2. Dana Hettich and Becca Billings

          1. Introductions
          2. Love at First Like
          3. The Test
          4. Final Words


          Further Reading

        3. Case Study 2: Buying Likes: How Our Library Jumped From 200 to 1000 (Student) Likes in 5 Months
        4. Nina Verishagen and Ann Liang

          1. The Situation
          2. The Idea



            x Contents


          4. So It Mostly Worked! Here’s How
          5. What Worked
          6. What Didn't Work
          7. Recommendations
          8. Where Are We Now?
          9. Final Words

          Appendix A: Comparison of "Likes" Before and After an Event or Contest 186


        5. Case Study 3: So You Have Been Given the Social Media Passwords.
        6. Now What? A Trial-by-Fire Case Study in Facebook Marketing

          Molly Marcusse

          1. The Situation I Inherited
          2. The First Facebook Experiment: #FootballFriday
          3. Using the Data to Define My Audience
          4. Goals
          5. #WyoWednesday Campaign
          6. Future Plans
          7. What Worked
          8. What Didn't Work
          9. Recommendations
          10. Final Words


      2. YouTube
        1. Case Study 1: Thousands of Views: Why Three Simple Library Videos Have Done So Well
        2. Dan Sich

          1. The Opportunity
          2. The Approach
          3. Disseminating and Promoting Videos
          4. Assessment and Renewal
          5. What Worked
          6. Final Words


        3. Case Study 2: Show Me: Getting YouTube Videos to Your Students Through SEO
        4. Lauren Valentino Bryant

          1. Background
          2. Evaluating Traffic
          3. Contents xi

          4. Increasing Traffic
          5. Visual Instructional Design or How to Make the Videos
          6. Checklist

          7. Final Words


        Further Reading

      3. Snapchat
        1. Case Study 1: Snapchat in Academic Libraries: We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost
        2. Nicole Maddock, Monica Fazekas and Kevin Tanner














        3. Case Study 2: Snap to It: Reaching Users Where They Are With Snapchat Geofilters

        Laura MacLeod Mulligan and Alexander S. Di Iorio





      The Idea



      Measure of Success



      Technical Aspects



      What Worked



      What Didn’t Work





      Final Words





    1. Pinterest
        1. Case Study 1: Extending the Library’s Presence Into the Virtual Space Using Pinterest
        2. Brandy R. Horne

          1. Pinterest in Libraries



            xii Contents


          3. Background
          4. Enter Pinterest
          5. Creating Digital Displays Using Pinterest
          6. Sharing Pinterest Displays
          7. Limitations
          8. What Worked
          9. What Didn’t Work
          10. Recommendations
          11. Final Words



Product details

  • No. of pages: 302
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Chandos Publishing 2018
  • Published: November 26, 2018
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780081024096
  • eBook ISBN: 9780081024102

About the Editor

Nina Verishagen

Nina Verishagen is Marketing Librarian at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Canada. She has significant experience in library marketing and communication in the academic setting, focusing on building up library social presence. Previously, Nina has written about Twitter and its uses in academic libraries.

Affiliations and Expertise

Marketing Librarian, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Library, Saskatoon, Canada

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