Proceedings of the International Symposium on Engineering in Complex Rock Formations

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Engineering in Complex Rock Formations

1st Edition - January 1, 1988

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  • Editors: Li Chengxiang, Yang Ling
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483160160

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Table of Contents

  • Contents

    Invited Lectures

    Rheology of Rock-Salt and Its Application for Radioactive Waste Disposal Purposes

    Influence of Geological Conditions on Excavation Procedure and Support of Large Rock Caverns Constructed According to NATM

    Special Lecture

    Rockbursts, Case Records, Theory and Control

    Session A. New Developments in Field and Laboratory Testing of Complex Formations

    Deformation of Rock Masses

    The Influence of Joints on Rock Modulus

    BEMEK Rock Tester — A Field and Laboratory Instrument for Strength and Elastic Parameter Testing of Rock

    Modified Mine Model Testing Technique for Ground Movement Studies

    Investigation of Complex Rock Formations by Geophysical Tomography Techniques

    Cluster Analysis Through Computer and Its Application

    Engineering Classification of the Argillaceous Rocks and Rapid Prediction of Their Swelling Potential

    Discussion of General Creep Equation and Its Experimental Verification

    Determination of Constitutive Relation of Rock with Lagrangian Multiple Gauge and Analysis Method

    Data Base System and Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Rock

    In-Situ Stress Measurements at Some Different Geological Formations in Korea

    In Situ Stress Measurements, Tectonic Stress Field and Engineering

    Stability Estimation of Large Rock Cavern by In Situ Stress Measurements

    Velocity-and Time-dependent Stress Transients in Simulated Fault Gouge

    A Preliminary Study of In Situ Stress Field in the Three-Gorge Dam Area

    Research on Deformation Behavior of Complicated Rock Strata in Jinchuan Mine Through Field Geological Tests

    Deformation Properties fo Fractured Rock and Their Influence on Fluid Flow

    A Study of Characteristics of Strength and Deformation in Heterogeneous Sedimentary Soft Rock

    Experimental Study on Anisotropie Strength and Failure of the Jointed/Layered Rock Mass Model Samples Under Anchored Conditions

    A Model Study on Dynamic Failure Modes of Discontinuous Rock Slopes

    An Experimental Study on the Strength of Jointed Rock Mass

    A Scale Model Study on the Deformation Around the Drift in Korean Inclined Coal Seam

    Two-dimensional Model Test and Analysis of a High-speed Large Landslide

    On Mechanical Behaviors of Rock Based on Long-term Creep Tests

    Experimental Study of Microcrack Formation in the Area of Stress Concentration in Rock

    Infrared Thermography of a Rock Salt Specimen Before Failure

    A Microscopic Study of Softening Characteristic of Calc-Argillaceous Siltstone

    Application of AE Techniques to Prediction of Rock Failure

    Post-failure Behavior of Rocks Under Uniaxial Compression

    Laboratory Tests on the Shear Behaviour of Filled Discontinuities

    The Shear Strength and Deformation Behavior of Rock with Weak Planes

    Laboratory Determination of the In-situ Stress Tensor

    Fracture Toughness Determination with the Modified Ring Test

    Determination of the Strength Properties of Rock Mass by the Results of Laboratory Tests

    The Determination of Shear Strength Parameters for Sheared Clay Shales

    Estimation of Q Value in Formations

    The Engineering Behaviours of Rocks from Different Tectonic Regions in Iraq

    Analysis of Rock Behavior for Determination of In -situ Young's Modulus and Safe Excavation of Mine Pillars

    Experimental Studies on Anisotropy of Time-dependent Behaviour of Bedded Rocks

    Session B. Design of Surface and Underground Engineering Founded in Complex Formations

    A Dynamic Analysis of Jointed Rock Mass

    Deformability of a Rock Mass Formed by an Anisotropie Rock and Cut by a Jointing System with Orthotropic Symmetry

    Large-scale Seasonal Heat Storage in Rock — Construction and Operation Experiences

    Systems Engineering Geology and Geotechnique

    Finite Element Analysis for Stability of Complex Rock Foundations

    Elastoplastic and Limit Equilibrium Analyses of Complex Rock Masses

    Three-dimensional Non-linear Analysis of Stability of Resisting slide for Engineering in Complex Rock Formation

    A Development of the Base Friction Technique and Its Application to Subsidence Engineering

    Design and Research of Tall Building Foundation of Rock Formation

    Geomechanics for Slope Design at the Chuquicamata Mine, Chile

    A Study on the Stability of Rock Slope

    Slake Durability of Rocks and Its Relation to Slope Stability

    Slopes in Rock: A Design Philosophy

    Slope Movements in Structurally Complex Formations

    Verification of the Sale Mountain Landslide with the Variational Method

    Stabilization of a Landslide in Fractured Marls and Limestones

    Geological Survey, Testing and Stability Analysis for the Bedrock of Nukui Arch Dam

    Seepage Control and Stability of the Left Abutment of the Liujiaxia Dam

    An Analysis of Jointed Rock Using Fracture Mechanics for Stability of Arch Dam Abutment

    Determination of Synthetic Deformation Modulus of Rock Mass of Complex Dam Foundations

    Dead Sea Underground Hydroelectric Power Station

    Rock Mechanics in Design of Underground Power House of Lubuge Hydropower Project

    The Relations Between Rockburst and Surrounding Rock Stress in Underground Chambers — with a Tentative Gradation of Rockburst Intensity

    A Damage Mechanics Analysis for Underground Excavation in Jointed Rock Mass

    The Finite Element Analysis for Rock Creep and Its Application to Underground Engineerings

    Construction of a Tunnel and an Adjoining Railway Bridge in Rock-masses with Low Stability

    Perturbation Finite Element Method for Plane Problem of Linear Creep and Its Application to Underground Structures

    Testing and Mathematical Modelling of Jointed Rock Formations as a Design Tool for Large Caverns

    Three-dimensional Elastoplastic Finite-element Analysis for Surrounding Rock of Underground Openings

    Complex Observations and Design of Multilayer Lining of Vertical Mine Shafts Sunk in Complicated Conditions

    On the Visco-elastic and Visco-plastic Finite Element Analyses of Underground Openings in Layered Rock

    Stability and Deformation Analysis of Underground Opening Surrounded by Non-linear Visco-elastic Rock Masses

    Applying Mohr-coulomb Yield Criterion to (Calculate! Elastoplastic Stress in Adhesive Shotcrete and Rockbolt Lining of Hydraulic Pressure Tunnel and Its Surrounding Rock

    Rock Mechanical Investigation for the Sino-Swedish Project in Jinchuan Mine

    An analysis on the Problems of the Stability and Anchorage of a Tunnel

    Located in Soft Weak Zone at High Ground Stress Area

    On the Determination of the Increasing Coefficient of Stress-concentration in Coal Seam around a Working Face and the Depth of Fracture Zone

    Evalution on Stability of Slopes and Buildings on the Slopes

    Stability of Slopes in Complex Rock Formations in Opencast Mines

    A Study on the Stability of Railway Subgrade in a Salt Lake

    Taking the Factor Time into Account in the Safety Analysis of Deep Tunnels

    Analysis of a Mining Structure Subjected to Rockburst Phenomena

    Session C. Construction and Strengthening

    The Design and Implementation of Bench Blasts in Complex Rock Formations

    Excavation and Supporting of the Tunnel Running Through the F1-F10 Faults and Converging Water to the City Tianjing from Luan River Sourse

    Experience with Excavation in Weak Ground

    Quasi-3-dimensional Ground Water Flow Analysis of Tunnel Excavation in Complex Rock Formation

    Criteria of Rock Bursts for Longwall Mining

    Analyses and Treatments of Faults for the Dam Foundation

    A Summary of Foundation Treatment of Longyangxia Gravity Arch Dam on the Yellow River

    Dental Treatment for Faults in Foundation of Gravity Dam

    Note of Failure Phenomena in the Hanging Wall of An Excavation Adjacent to a Decline Fault

    The Reinforcement of Gallery with Long Bolting under Blasting Loads

    The Influence and Control of Adjacent Blasting on the Safety of Tunnel Linings—an Estimation of Safety Based on the Reliability Theory and Some Applications

    Performance and Support of Openings in Soft Rock

    Support of Workings in Complex Mining and Geological Conditions

    Effect and Appraisal of the Initial Support of Rock-bolt and Shotcrete of the Dayaoshan Tunnel

    Reform and Research of Tunnel Support in Soft Rocks at Shenbei Mines

    Reinforcement of Geotechnical Engineering Structures by Grouted Rockbolts

    Mechanics of Friction Rock Bolt and Its Adaptability to Controlling Deformation of Soft Ground

    A Study on the Support Load and the Roadway Deformation in Coal Seam

    The Philosophy and Measures for Maintaining the Stability of Underground Tunnels in Complex Rock Masses in Jingchuan Mine District II

    The Construction of Seoul Subway Line 3 and 4

    Session D. Monitoring

    Back Analysis for Determining Material Characteristics in Cut Slopes

    Open Pit Slopes Back-analysis in Complex Rock Formations

    Application of Back Analysis to a Tunnel with Two-step Bench

    Three Dimensional Back Analysis for Tunnels

    Back Analysis of the Shear Strength of a Folded Rock

    Three-dimensional FEM Analyses and Back Analyses for Deformation Monitoring of Ertan Hydropower Station Chambers

    Back Analysis of Assessing for Slope Stability Based on Displacement Measurements

    Stereographic Projection Analysis for Exposed Conditions of Slide Falling Blocks in Jointed Rock Mass

    Squeezing Pressure Phenomena in Himalayan Tunnels

    Study of the Characteristics of Potential Coal Bursting in Mo. 8-9 Coal Seam at Tangshan Coal Mine

    Displacement Behavior Around Tunnel Intersection in Weak Rock

    Collapse of Surrounding Rock: Analysis of Mechanism and Approach to Prediction

    The Monitoring of Dams as a Rock Research's Method

    A Monitoring Method for Tunnel Engineering

    Building Settlement Due to Tunnelling in Weathered Granite

    A Brief Review of the Weak Rock Testing Methods in Hydraulic Engineering of China

    Investigation of Fallout of Rock Massif During Destruction of Structure

    Considerations for an Idealized Model Simulating the Foundation Behavior of Gezhouba Project

    Study and Monitoring of Stability of Tianfumiao Arch Dam Abutments

    Deformation Monitoring of Galleries in Fractured Rockmass and Research on Failure mechanism of Surrounding Rocks

    Long-term Monitoring of Subgrade Stability of the Qinghai-tibet Railway in the Charhan Playa Region

    Reinforcing Effect of Rockbolt in Rock Joint Model

    Stress Behavior and Ground Pressure of Tunnel with Double Lining

    Numerical Model of Subsidence Phenomena Due to Mining Exploitation

    Papers Received Later

    Identification of Geometric Characteristics of Inhomogeneous Rock Masses by AIC Method

    Stability Analysis of Lake Parramatta Dam

    Observational Methods on Large Underground Structures

    The Stability of Rocky Massives

    Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Foundation Ground for Weathered Granite

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  • No. of pages: 1000
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1988
  • Published: January 1, 1988
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483160160

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