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Table of Contents

Part I: Understanding, Controlling, and Preventing Infectious Diseases

A. Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases

1 Principles of Epidemiology and Public Health

2 Pediatric Infection Prevention and Control

3 Infections Associated with Group Childcare

4 Infectious Diseases in Refugee and Internationally Adopted Children

B. Prevention of Infectious Diseases

5 Passive Immunization

6 Active Immunization

7 Chemoprophylaxis

8 Protection of Travelers

C. Host Defenses against Infectious Diseases

9 Immunologic Development and Susceptibility to Infection

10 Fever and the Inflammatory Response

Part II: Clinical Syndromes and Cardinal Features of Infectious Diseases: Approach to Diagnosis and Initial Management

A. Septicemia, Toxin- and Inflammation-Mediated Syndromes

11 The Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), Sepsis, and Septic Shock

12 Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis and Macrophage Activation Syndrome

B. Cardinal Symptom Complexes

13 Mucocutaneous Symptom Complexes

14 Fever without Localizing Signs

15 Prolonged, Recurrent and Periodic Fever Syndromes

16 Lymphatic System and Generalized Lymphadenopathy

17 Cervical Lymphadenitis and Neck Infections

18 Mediastinal and Hilar Lymphadenopathy

19 Abdominal and Retroperitoneal Lymphadenopathy

20 Localized Lymphadenitis, Lymphadenopathy, and Lymphangitis

21 Respiratory Tract Symptom Complexes

22 Abdominal Symptom Complexes

23 Neurologic Symptom Complexes

24 Musculoskeletal Symptom Complexes

C. Oral Infections and Upper and Middle Respiratory Tract Infections

25 Infections of the Oral Cavity

26 The Common Cold

27 Pharyngitis

28 Infections Related to the Upper and Middle Airways

29 Otitis Media


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