Mathematical and computational biology is playing an increasingly important role in the biological sciences. This science brings forward unique challenges, many of which are, at the moment, beyond the theoretical techniques available. Developmental biology, due to its complexity, has lagged somewhat behind its sister disciplines (such as molecular biology and population biology) in making use of quantitative modeling to further biological understanding. This volume comprises work that is among the best developmental modeling available and we feel it will do much to remedy this situation. This book is aimed at all those with an interest in the interdisciplinary field of computer and mathematical modeling of multi-cellular and developmental systems. It is also a goal of the Editors to attract more developmental biologists to consider integrating modeling components into their research. Most importantly, this book is intended to serve as a portal into this research area for younger scientists – especially graduate students and post-docs, from both biological and quantitative backgrounds.

Key Features

* Articles written by leading exponents in the field * Provides techniques to address multiscale modeling * Coverage includes a wide spectrum of modeling approaches * Includes descriptions of the most recent advances in the field


Graduate students and scientists in developmental biology, mathematical sciences, biomathematics, and general life sciences.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction Philip K. Maini, Stuart A. Newman, Timothy J. Newman and Santiago Schnell Chapter 2 Models of biological pattern formation: from elementary steps to the organization of embryonic axes Hans Meinhardt Chapter 3 Robustness of embryonic spatial patterning in Drosophila melanogaster David Umulis, Michael B. O’Connor and Hans G. Othmer Chapter 4 Integrating morphogenesis with underlying mechanics and cell biology. Lance A. Davidson Chapter 5 The mechanisms underlying primitive streak formation in the chick embryo Manli Chuai, Cornelis J Weijer Chapter 6 Grid-free models of multicellular systems, with an application to large-scale vortices accompanying primitive streak formation T. J. Newman Chapter 7 Mathematical models for somite formation Ruth E. Baker, Santiago Schnell and Philip K. Maini Chapter 8 Coordinated Action of N-CAM, N-cadherin, EphA4 and ephrinB2 Translates Genetic Prepatterns into Structure during Somitogenesis in Chick James A. Glazier, Ying Zhang, Maciej Swat, Benjamin Zaitlen, Santiago Schnell Chapter 9 Branched organs: Mechanics of morphogenesis by multiple mechanisms Sharon R Lubkin Chapter 10 Multicellular sprouting during vasculogenesis Andras Czirok, Evan A. Zamir, Andras Szabo and Charles D. Little Chapter 11 Modelling lung branching morphogenesis Takashi Miura Chapter 12 Multiscale Models for Vertebrate Limb Dev


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