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Table of Contents

PART 1 Biomechanical, clinical-anatomical and evolutionary aspects of lumbopelvic pain and dysfunction

SECTION 1 Clinical-anatomical aspects

1. The muscular, ligamentous and neural structure of the lumbosacrum and its relationship to low back pain, FH Willard

2. Anatomical linkages and muscle slings of the lumbopelvic region, C DeRosa, J Porterfield

3. Anatomy and biomechanics of the lumbar fasciae: implications for lumbopelvic control and clinical practice, PJ Barker, CA Briggs

4. Clinical anatomy of the anterolateral abdominal muscles, DM Urquhart, PW Hodges

5. Clinical anatomy of the lumbar multifidus, L Danneels

6. Clinical anatomy and function of psoas major and deep sacral gluteus maximus, S Gibbons

7. The SIJ, sensory-motor control and pain, A Indahl, S Holm

8. The role of the pelvic girdle in coupling the spine and the legs: a clinical-anatomical perspective on pelvic stability, A Vleeming, R Stoeckart

SECTION 2 Evolution, biomechanics and kinematics

9. Evolution of the human lumbopelvic region and its relationship to some clinical deficits of the spine and pelvis, CO Lovejoy

10. Kinematic models and the human pelvis, A Huson

11. How to use the spine, pelvis and legs effectively in lifting, MA Adams, P Dolan

12. Is the sacroiliac joint an evolved costovertebral joint? S Gracovetsky

13. The evolution of myths and facts regarding function and dysfunction of the pelvic girdle, D Lee

PART 2 Insights in function and dysfunction of the lumbopelvic region

14. Anatomical, biomechanical and clinical perspectives on sacroiliac joints: an integrative synthesis of biodynamic mechanisms related to ankylosing spondylitis, AT Masi, M Benjamin, A Vleeming

15. A suspensory system for the sacrum in pelvic mechanics: biotensegrity, SM Levin

16. Why and how to optimize posture, RE Irvin

17. Gait style as an


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