Key Features

  • Addresses most common cardiovascular problems from a molecular standpoint.
  • Explores developing treatments for cardiovascular problems based on genetics.
  • Provides references to Braunwald's Heart Disease, 6th Edition

Table of Contents

I. General Principles of Molecular Cardiology

Chapter 1: Biotechnology and Cardiovascular Medicine: Recombinant Protein Therapy (Hiroshi Ashikaga, Kenneth R. Chien)
Chapter 2: Human Genome Project and Cardiovascular Disease Genes (CC Liew, Victor J. Dzau)
Chapter 3: Model Organisms for Cardiac Disease Gene Discovery (Calum A. Macrae, Mark C. Fishman)
Chapter 4: Generation and Cloning of Genetically Modified Animals (Leon J. DeWindt, Pieter A. Doevendans, Kenneth R. Chien)
Chapter 5: Mouse Models of Human Cardiovascular Disease (Geir Christensen, Ju Chen, John Ross, Jr., Kenneth Chien)
Chapter 6: Towards Stem Cell Therapy (Pieter A. Doevendans, Christine Mummery, Kenneth Chien)
Chapter 7: Cardiovascular Signaling Pathways (Susan F. Steinberg, Michael Karin, Joan Heller Brown)
Chapter 8: Genetic Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease (Carl J. Vaughan, Craig T. Basson)
Chapter 9: Gene Transfer Approaches for Cardiovascular Disease (Elizabeth Nabel)

II. Cardiac Development and Congenital Heart Disease

Chapter 10: Cardiac Development and Congenital Heart Disease (Deepak Srivastava, Eric N. Olson)
Chapter 11: Development of Pacemaking and Cardiac Conduction System Lineages (Robert G. Gourdie, Steven W. Kubalak, Terrence X. O’Brien, Kenneth R. Chien, Takashi Mikawa)
Chapter 12: Cardiac Laterality and Congenital Heart Disease (Pilar Ruiz-Lozano, Angel Raya, Kenneth R. Chien, Juan Carlos Izpisua-Belmonte)
Chapter 13: Pharyngeal Apparatus and Cardiac Neural Crest Defects (Antonio Baldini)
Chapter 14: Monogenic Causes of Congenital Heart Disease (Joachim P. Schmitt, Christine E. Seidman)

III. Cardiac Muscle Diseases

Chapter 15: Molecular Pathways for Cardiac Hypertrophy and Heart Failure Progression (Masahiko Hoshijima, Susumu Minamisawa, Hideo Yasukawa, Kenneth R. Chien)
Chapter 16: Molecular Genetics of Inherited Cardiomyopathies (Christopher Semsa


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