Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Tony Redmond's Guide to Successful Implementation

1st Edition

Authors: Tony Redmond
Paperback ISBN: 9781555583477
eBook ISBN: 9780080548982
Imprint: Digital Press
Published Date: 29th May 2007
Page Count: 1056
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Table of Contents

Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 A decade and counting of Exchange deployments 1.1.1 The way we were 1.1.2 The protocol wars 1.1.3 Ever increasing mobility 1.1.4 Third party products and management 1.1.5 Some interesting projects 1.1.6 The not so good points 1.1.7 Exchange’s connection with the Active Directory 1.1.8 Reviewing predictions made in 1996 1.2 Microsoft’s themes for Exchange 2007 1.2.1 The happy prospect of a migration 1.3 Preparing for Exchange 2007 1.4 Installing Exchange 2007 1.4.1 Modifying and Removing servers 1.4.2 Validating the installation 1.4.3 Third party software 1.5 Server Roles 1.5.1 Services 1.6 Licensing 1.6.1 Version Numbers 1.6.2 32-bit Exchange 2007? 1.7 Support 1.8 Challenges for Exchange 2007 1.9 Into the future 2 Exchange, Windows, and the Active Directory 2.1 Active Directory and Exchange 2.1.1 Domain Designs 2.2 Active Directory Replication
2.2.1 Replication Basics 2.2.2 When Active Directory Replication Happens 2.2.3 Active Directory Naming Contexts 2.2.4 Transforming Domain Controllers into Global Catalogs 2.2.5 USNs and Replication 2.2.6 Urgent replication 2.2.7 Intra- and Inter-Site Replication 2.2.8 High-water mark vector and Up-to-date vector tables 2.2.9 Changes in Active Directory Replication in Windows 003 2.3 Exchange’s Active Directory Topology Service 2.3.1 DSAccess (or ADAccess) 2.3.2 How many Global Catalog servers do I need? 2.3.3 Where are my Global Cata


Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 marks the biggest advancement in the history of the Exchange Product group. The completely re-engineered server system will change the face of how IT administrators approach Exchange.

Tony Redmond, one of the world’s most acclaimed Exchange experts, offers insider insight from the very basics of the newly transformed architecture to understanding the nuances of the new and improved Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0 and the two new administrative interfaces—the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and the Exchange Management Shell (EMS).

Key Features

This book covers: How Exchange works with Active Directory How the new management model works How to use the Exchange Management Shell to automate administrative operations How Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and Windows Mobile clients work with Exchange How Exchange 2007 message routing differs from previous versions How to help your users to use Exchange intelligently How to select hardware for Exchange 2007


IT professionals, network and systems administrators, all users of MS Exchange 2007


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About the Authors

Tony Redmond Author

Tony Redmond is the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of HP Services, the largest consulting company for enterprise-scale deployments of Microsoft technology in the world. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on Exchange Server. In his position at HP, Tony works alongside many skilled professionals who work with Fortune 1000 companies to plan, deploy, and manage technology integration to achieve business success and so lay the foundation for the best practice explained in his books. Tony writes regularly in Windows IT Pro magazine ( and has written ten other books for Digital Press.

Affiliations and Expertise

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Hewlett-Packard Services