Metabolism of the Nervous System

Metabolism of the Nervous System

1st Edition - January 1, 1957

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  • Editor: Derek Richter
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483184357

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Metabolism of the Nervous System contains the proceedings of the 2nd International Neurochemical Symposium, held at Aarhus, Denmark, in July 1956. The book discusses the molecular structure and morphology of the adult nervous tissue; the chemical composition and cytochemical localization of adult nervous tissue; and the permeability and blood-brain barrier. The text also describes topics on electrolytes and nervous conduction; the metabolism of isolated nerve and ganglion; and the metabolism of the brain in vivo. The metabolism of brain tissue preparations in vitro; energy metabolism and coenzymes in relation to the nervous system; and lipid and fatty acid metabolism are also considered. The book further tackles nucleic acid metabolism; protein and amino acid metabolism; and cholinergic and non-cholinergic transmission. The text also discusses other pharmacologically active compounds related to the adult nervous tissue.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    1. Molecular Structure and Morphology

    1. Electron Microscopy of Nervous Tissue

    2. Structure and Properties of Nerve Membranes

    3. Summary of Recent Advances in X-Ray Microchemical Techniques

    4. The Molecular Structure of Nerve Myelin and its Significance in Relation to the Nerve 'Membrane'

    5. On the Structure of the Synapse

    2. Chemical Composition and Cytochemical Localization

    1. Chemical Composition of the Mammalian Nervous System

    2. Cytochemistry of Neurones and Neuroglia

    3. Some Characteristics of a Neuroglial Fraction

    4. The Problem of Correlation of Quantitative Methods and Tissue Morphology in the Central Nervous System. (The Distribution of Cholinesterases)

    5. Phosphosphingoside Problems Viewed from a Morphological Angle

    6. Degenerative Processes of the Central Nervous System Involving the Intraneuronal Mucopolysaccharide Metabolism

    7. Hexosamine Compounds in the Nervous System

    3. Permeability and Blood-Brain Barrier

    1. The Blood-Brain Barrier. Structural Aspects

    2. Dynamic Aspects of the Blood-Brain Barrier

    3. The Permeability of Brain Slices to Urea and Pyruvate

    4. Electrolytes and Nervous Conduction

    1. Electrolytes and Nerve Activity

    2. The Role of Acidic Lipides in the Electrolyte Balance of the Nervous System of Mammals

    3. Effects of Calcium on Potassium Depolarization and Conduction Blockade in Frog Nerve

    5. Metabolism of Isolated Nerve and Ganglion

    1. Nerve Metabolism

    2. Metabolism in Relation to Function in Mammalian Sympathetic Ganglia

    6. Metabolism of The Brain In Vivo

    1. General Metabolism of the Brain in Vivo

    2. The Metabolism of the Brain in Ischaemia and Hypothermia

    3. Chemical Changes Accompanying Activity in the Brain

    4. Brain Metabolism in Relation to the Functional State of the Central Nervous System

    5. The Turnover of Hexosemonophosphate in the Brain and the Effect of Stimulation, Narcosis and Hypothermia

    7. Metabolism of Brain Tissue Preparations In Vitro

    1. Metabolic Activities of Tissue Preparations

    2. Metabolism of Neurones and Glia

    3. General Metabolism of the Rat Brain during Postnatal Development

    4. Phosphorus Metabolism of the Brain

    8. Energy Metabolism and Coenzymes

    1. Carbohydrate Metabolism in Relation to the Nervous System

    2. Enzyme Concentrations in Individual Nerve Cell Bodies

    3. Enzymatic Group Activation and Transfer

    4. Phosphates, Nucleotides and the Speed of Chemical Change in the Brain

    9. Lipid and Fatty Acid Metabolism

    1. Lipid Metabolism

    2. Fatty Acid Metabolism

    3. Incorporation of 14C-Labelled Acetate into some Lipids of Nervous Tissue

    4. Enzymic Hydrolysis of Phosphorylcholine and Glycerophosphorylcholine by Brain

    10. Nucleic Acid Metabolism

    1. Cytological Aspects of Nucleic Acid Metabolism

    2. The Correlation of the Ribonucleic Acid Distribution in Nerve Cells with Function

    3. Chemical and Structural Changes in Nerve Regeneration

    4. Purine-Pyramidine Analysis of the Ribonucleic Acid in Nerve Cells of the Hypoglossal Nucleus of the Rabbit

    11. Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism

    1. Metabolism of Proteins and Amino Acids

    2. The Metabolism of 35S-Methionine in the brain

    3. Proteins of the Nervous System under Various Conditions

    4. Glutamic Acid and Glutamine

    5. Amide Bonds in the Rat Brain After Acute Carbon Disulphide Poisoning

    6. Enzymatic Mechanisms in Transmethylation

    12. Cholinergic and Non-Cholinergic Transmission

    1. Acetylcholine

    2. The Cholinesterase of Developing Neurones of Xenopus Laevis

    3. The Distribution of Cholinergic and Non-Cholinergic Receptors in the Brain. Electrophysiological Evidence

    4. The Problem of Non-Cholinergic Transmission in the Central Nervous System

    13. Other Pharmacologically Active Compounds

    1. Noradrenaline

    2. The Distribution of Adrenaline and Noradrenaline in the Central Nervous System and its Modification by Drugs

    3. Biochemistry and Metabolism of Serotonin as it Relates to the Nervous System

    4. Histamine in Nervous Tissue

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    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 614
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1957
  • Published: January 1, 1957
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483184357

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