Laser spectroscopy IX

Laser spectroscopy IX

1st Edition - December 28, 1989

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  • Editor: Michael Feld
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323146951

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Laser Spectroscopy IX documents the proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy, held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, June 18-23, 1989. The scientific program consisted of oral and poster presentations. There were 52 invited talks organized into 14 topical sessions, some with panel discussions. About 60 additional invited contributions were presented in three evening poster sessions. Also included were 15 post deadline oral and poster presentations. These proceedings contain summaries of essentially all of these contributions. The contributions made by researchers at the conference are organized into 14 parts. Part I focuses on laser cooling. Part II presents studies on laser spectroscopy. Part III includes papers on cavity Q.E.D. Parts IV, V, and VI examine noise and coherence, quantum size effects, and surface spectroscopy, respectively. Part VII deals with laser light sources. Part VIII includes papers on trapped ion spectroscopy. Part IX covers ultrafast spectroscopy while Part X takes up fundamental measurements, including those of positronium, the Rydberg constant, and lead and thallium isotopes. Parts XI-XIV cover, respectively, molecular spectroscopy and dynamics, applications in radiation forces, highly excited states and dynamics, and laser spectroscopy for biomedicine.

Table of Contents

  • Part I New Cooling Mechanisms

    New Physical Mechanisms in Laser Cooling

    A Heterodyne Measurement of the Fluorescence Spectrum of Optical Molasses

    Optical Molasses with a New Twist

    Trapping and Cooling of Neutral Atoms with the Dipole Force of a Laser Beam

    The Effect of Detuning on the Median Velocity of an Atomic Beam Slowed and Cooled by an Intense Optical Standing Wave

    Coherent Population Trapping: Reversal of the Light-Induced Drift Velocity?

    Preparation of a Monoenergetic Sodium Beam by Laser Cooling and Deflection; and Broad Band Laser Cooling on Narrow Transitions

    Cooling Atoms with Extraresonant Stimulated Emission Below the Doppler Limit

    Stimulated Laser Cooling of a Fast Particle Beam

    Towards Laser Cooling of Fast Be+ Ions in the Storage Ring TSR

    Part II Laser Spectroscopy

    Observation of Light-Pressure-Induced Line-Shape Asymmetries of Saturated Absorption and Dispersion Resonances

    Light Induced Drift in a Spherical Cell

    Resonant Gas Media for Optical Phase Conjugation

    Doppler-Free Spectroscopy by Linear Selective Reflection at Glass/Cs-Vapor Interface

    Time-Domain Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of Water Vapor and Direct Measurement of Collisional Relaxation Times

    Time Dependent Optical Phase and Imaginary Collision Kernels

    Experiments in Cold and Ultracold Collisions

    Dressed-Atom Approach to Collision-Induced Resonances

    Speed-Dependent Inhomogeneities in Collision-Broadened H2 Vibrational Transitions

    Collisionally Induced Four Wave Mixing: Breakdown of the Impact Approximation

    Perturbative Theory of Higher-Order Collision-Enhanced Wave Mixing

    Velocity-Changing Collisions in the Sm I 570.7 nm (Jlower = l to Jupper = 0) Saturated Absorption Spectrum

    High Quality Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy in a Sputtered Vapour: Application to Isotope Shifts in Zr I

    High Resolution Pulsed Laser Spectroscopy in the UV/VUV Spectral Region

    Laser Spectroscopy of Relativistic Beams of H- and H: Observation of e- Detachment from H- by Multiphoton Absorption

    Line Shapes in Forward Scattering

    Novel Lutetium Spectroscopic Interactions via cw RIMS

    Optical Echoes without Phase Reversal

    Laser Evaporation as a Source for Small Free Radicals

    Progress in the Spectroscopy of the Rare Gas Dimers

    Detection of Photon Bursts from Single 200eV Mg Ions, Progress in Photon Burst Mass Spectrometry

    Coherent Multiple Pulse Spectroscopy of the Hydrogen 1S-2S Transition

    CW Laser Spectroscopy of the Triplet Manifold of Magnesium

    Two-Photon 205-nm Excitation of Atomic Hydrogen in Flames: Stimulated Emission, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, and Doppler-Free Excitation

    Laser Polarization Spectroscopy of Atomic Oxygen

    A New Approach to the Kinetic Energy Determination of Photo-Fragments: Towards Pair-Correlation in Dissociation Dynamics

    Infared Difference Frequency Laser and SRS Spectrometers. Q-Branch of CD3Hv1 Band

    Phenomenon of Dynamical Rainbow in the Field of Laser Radiation

    Fluorescence Spectra of Single Phase Superconductor YBa2 Cu3 Οx Excited by 280, 295, 308, and 337.l nm Radiation

    Part III Cavity QED

    Nonclassical Radiation in the One-Atom Maser

    Rydberg Atoms in a Cavity: A New Method to Generate Photon Number States

    Dissipative quantum Dynamics in Cavity QED

    Radiation by Atoms in Resonant Cavities

    Single Atom-Field Coupled Quantum Oscillators

    Part IV Noise and Coherence

    Chaos and Complexity in Quantum Optics

    Bistability and Chaotic Instabilities of Laser Beams Counterpropagating Through Sodium Vapor

    Polarization Instabilities and Chaos in a He-Ne Monomode Laser

    Compounded Chaos

    Why Laser Beams Cannot Go Straight

    Squeezing of Quantum Solitons in Optical Fibers in the Presence of Thermal Phase Noise

    Squeezed Light: Progress and Perspectives

    An Experimental Search for Squeezing via Four-Wave Mixing in Barium

    Coherence in Random Multiple Scattering: Correlations in the Speckle of Multiply Scattered Light

    Resonance Fluorescence from Atoms Excited by Strong Stochastic Laser Fields

    Atomic Photon Statistics Near a Phase Conjugator

    Part V Quantum Size Effects

    Spectral Hole Burning and Static Stark Effect in Quantum Confined Semiconductor Microcrystallites in Glasses

    High Resolution Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Excitons in GaAs/AlGaAs Multiple Quantum Well Structures

    Laser Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Quantum Dots

    Part VI Surface Spectroscopy

    Conformation, Orientation and Interaction in Molecular Monolayers: A Surface Second Harmonic and Sum Frequency Generation Study

    Milli-Hertz Surface Spectroscopy

    Ethanol Absorption and Desorption on Silver Surface Probed by Optical Second-Harmonic Generation

    Manipulation of Metal Particle Size Distributions on Surfaces with Laser Light

    Part VII Laser Light Sources

    Ultranarrow Linewidth Solid State Oscillators

    Nonreciprocal Emissive and Absorptive Processes

    External-Cavity Diode Lasers with High Brightness and High Spectral Purity

    The Lamp-Pumped LNA Laser: a New Infrared Source for Optical Pumping of Helium

    Frequency Tuning Methods for High Spectral Purity Diode Lasers Self-Locked on Confocal Fabry-Perot Cavities

    Optical Parametric Oscillators of Bariumborate and Lithiumborate: New Sources for Powerful Tunable Laser Radiation in the Ultraviolet, Visible and Near Infrared

    Efficient Third Harmonic Generation and Four-Photon Mixing Spectroscopy of Laser-Produced Plasmas Near Metal Surfaces

    Origin of Optical Nonlinearity in D,A-DPH Systems

    VUV and XUV Excimer Lasers Using Jet Discharges with Supersonic Cooling

    Picosecond X-Ray Sources

    Prospects for Particle Beam Pumped Short Wavelength Lasers

    Part VIII Trapped Ion Spectroscopy

    The Order-Chaos Transition of Two Trapped Ions

    Hg+ Single Ion Spectroscopy

    Quantum Jumps and the Single Trapped Barium Ion: Lifetimes, Quenching Rates, and Anomalous Dark Periods

    Parametric Cooling of a Trapped Ion

    The Role of Laser Damping in Trapped Ion Crystals

    Two-Photon Transition Between the Ground State and a Metastable State in Mercury Ions Confined in a Radiofrequency Trap

    Stable 15N5H3 Laser for Cooled, Single Ion Ba+ Frequency Standard

    Partial Laser Cooling and Saturation Spectroscopy on 9 MeV 7Li+- Ions in a Storage Ring

    Part IX Ultrafast Spectroscopy

    Excitation of Coherence in Molecular Systems With 6 Femtosecond Optical Pulses

    Autoionization and Fragmentation of Na2 Studied by Femtosecond Laser Pulses

    On the Origin and Optical Properties of the Supercontinuum Generation

    Time-Resolved Transition-State Spectroscopy

    Optical Dipoles in Strong Stochastic Fields

    Nonlinear Optical Diagnostics of Electronic Structure of Semiconductors and Metals

    Desorption of Molecular Adsorbates from a Metal Surface by Subpicosecond Laser Pulses: NO/Pd(111)

    Part X Fundamental Measurements

    Precision Laser Spectroscopy of Positronium - Recent Progress

    Proposed Search for States of Forbidden Permutation Symmetry

    QED - Tests by Laser Spectroscopy

    Towards a Field-Free Measurement of Parity Violation in Atomic Cesium

    New Measurement of the Rydberg Constant by Two-Photon Spectroscopy of Hydrogen Rydberg States

    UV Laser Spectroscopy of 3,4He Rydberg Series

    Observation of an Electronic Correlation for Double Rydberg States of Barium

    Observation of Sub-Doppler Laser Induced Nuclear Orientation of 85mRb

    Laser Spectroscopy of Neutron Deficient Lead and Thallium Isotopes: Systematics of Nuclear Radii in the Ζ = 82 Region

    How Lasers Can Help Probe the Distribution of Nuclear Magnetism

    Nuclear Spin Dephasing in the Frozen Core

    A Laser-Driven Source of Polarized Hydrogen and Deuterium

    Macroscopic Realization of Photonic Band Structure

    Experimental Studies of Atom Diffraction and the Mechanical Forces of Light on Atoms

    Improved Kennedy-Thorndike Experiment - A Preliminary Report

    A New Calibration of the Relativistic Doppler Effect in Neon

    Suppression of a Recoil Component in Ramsey Fringe Spectroscopy

    Part XI Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics

    Molecular Eigenstate Spectra at the Threshold for Chemical Bond Breaking: Formaldehyde and Formyl Fluoride

    Spectroscopy on NO2: Evidence for a Substructure Underlying the Expected Eigenstates of a Molecule

    Reaction Dynamics and Spectroscopy in the VUV and XUV

    First Observation of Perturbations on the C1 Πu State of Na2 by CW UV Modulated Population Spectroscopy

    Analysis of the Two-Photon D1Δ-Χ1Σ+ Transition in CO: Perturbations in the (10-0) Band

    High Resolution Spectroscopy of Molecules and Small Clusters in Molecular Beams

    Multiphoton Ionization of (Xe)n and (NO)n Clusters Using a Picosecond Laser

    GaAs+ Clusters Reaction with NH3

    Photodissociation Spectroscopy of Cold Molecular Ions and Cluster Ions

    Excited-State LIF Spectroscopy of Hg and Zn Molecules - The Path to New Excimer Lasers?

    Improved Insight into Catalytic Reactions by Kinetic Modeling and LIF Detection of Intermediate Radical Species

    Laser-Induced Florescence of Excited Zn2 Molecules

    Multi-Quantum-Transition Sampling Spectroscopy for Fast Transient Luminesence Measurement

    High Resolution Stimulated Raman-Brillouin Spectroscopy in Gases and Solids

    Multiplex CARS Study of Infrared-Multiphoton-Excited OCS

    Part XII Applications in Radiation Forces

    Laser Cooling and Trapping of Noble Gas Atoms

    Laser Cooling of a Ca Atomic Beam and Measurement of the 1Ρ1 - 1D2 Transition Rate

    Localization of Atoms with Light-Induced Mirrors and in a Standing Light Wave

    Collimation of Atomic Beam Using Ratarded Dipole Force

    Part XIII Highly Excited States and Dynamics

    Tribute to Sylvain Liberman

    Elliptic Atomic States

    Tests of Basic Molecular Physics Using Laser Spectroscopy of H2

    Spatial Distributions of Ions in Short Pulse High Intensity Multiphoton Ionization

    Polarization Effects in ATI

    Bond Localization of Molecular Vibration

    Second-Order Doppler Free Spectroscopy

    Part XIV Laser Spectroscopy for Biomedicine

    Prospects of Laser Spectroscopy of Biomolecules with Nanometer Spatial Resolution

    Medical Applications of Laser Spectroscopy

    Index of Contributors

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  • No. of pages: 532
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1989
  • Published: December 28, 1989
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323146951

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