This practical book provides crucial information necessary to formulate diets with appropriate amounts of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. The factors that influence how well animals obtain these critical nutrients and methods for determining bioavailability are reviewed in this comprehensive text. In addition, data from both ruminants and nonruminants are included as well as established estimates of bioavailability for particular feed stuffs and feed supplements.


Graduate students, faculty and researchers in animal sciences and animal feeding and nutrition. This book should be bought by members of the animals husbandry industry and used by the American Society of Animal Science, the American Dairy Science Association, and the American Feed Industry Association.

Table of Contents

Foreword. Preface. Introduction. R.C. Littell, A.J. Lewis, and P.R. Henry, Statistical Evaluation of Bioavailability Assays. A.J. Lewis and H.S. Bayley, Amino Acid Bioavailability. A.J. Lewis and D.H. Baker, Bioavailability of D-Amino Acids and DL-Hydroxy Methionine. C.B. Ammerman, Methods for Estimation of Mineral Bioavailability. J.H. Soares, Jr., Calcium Bioavailability. P.R. Henry, Cobalt Bioavailability. D.H. Baker and C.B. Ammerman, Copper Bioavailability. E.R. Miller and C.B. Ammerman, Iodine Bioavailability. P.R. Henry and E.R. Miller, Iron Bioavailability. P.R. Henry and S.D. Benz, Magnesium Bioavailability. P.R. Henry, Manganese Bioavailability. J.H.Soares, Jr., Phosphorus Bioavailability. E.R. Miller, Potassium Bioavailability. P.R. Henry and C.B. Ammeman, Selenium Bioavailability. P.R. Henry, Sodium and Chlorine Bioavailability. P.R. Henry and C.B. Ammerman, Sulfur Bioavailability. D.H. Baker and C.B. Ammerman, Zinc Bioavailability. D.H. Baker, Vitamin Bioavailability. Appendix. Subject Index.


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