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Professional Services

Tackle complex data challenges and accelerate new discoveries

Elsevier Professional Services is an agile team of practice consultants that specializes in bespoke data integration and applied analytics. Partner with us to integrate, harmonize and analyze your data with predictive analytics and machine learning.

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R&D informatics

We can help develop custom algorithms and apply machine-learning techniques to create an integrated and harmonized source of data. These solutions include:

  • Data integration and harmonization

  • Workflow solutions

  • Text-mining applications

  • Cheminformatics

Human brain technology

Risk analysis

Our custom reports answer key R&D and safety questions such as:

  • Which studies have been conducted for similar compounds and what were the findings?

  • What adverse events might occur based on molecular structure and class?

  • What are the most predictive preclinical species for understanding human toxicity?

  • What is the potential risk of litigation based on drug failure?

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Target analysis

We help customers accelerate early discovery activities through access to critical disease and/or target overview information to prioritize research focus areas. We help you answer key research questions, such as:

  • Which diseases might this target treat?

  • What are the potential adverse events and drug interactions?

  • Are there known molecules likely to be test molecules?

  • What new target may exist to treat a specific disease with less side effects?

  • How does each target score based on pathway activation, gene expression, and an overall literature analysis?

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Pathway analysis

Our team provides customers with a more thorough understanding of the chemical risk of a compound based on the analysis of biological pathways in the human body and underlying molecular mechanisms that cause complex diseases. We answer questions such as:

  • What are the key cells to target for a particular disease?

  • Which proteins are relevant in my disease of interest?

  • What are the biomarkers on the path to toxicity?

  • Which molecular mechanisms are linked to disease outcomes?

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Drug repurposing decisions

We provide detailed custom reports and predictive analytics to support critical drug repurposing decisions. These solutions include:

  • Text mining for possible drug indications in the scientific literature

  • Prediction of new drug indications based on drug target biology and efficacy of other drugs in the same class

  • Scoring mechanism to identify most promising repurposing candidates

Disease-centric repurposing includes pathway analysis to identify:

  • Signaling affected in a disease

  • Compounds targeting proteins in the disease pathway

  • Known drugs to inhibit proteins

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Core capabilities we apply to drive customer success

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Semantic technologies

Model, annotate and enrich data into rich, machine-readable and contextualized data using semantic analytics software.
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Data integration and harmonization

Integrate and harmonize data in multiple formats with proprietary and industry-standard ontologies and taxonomies.
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Workflow solutions

Extract and query data to develop custom repositories or dashboards and new, integrated points of access.
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Custom reporting

Create custom reports and analytics based on Elsevier data, customer data and externally published information.
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Predictive analytics and machine learning

Develop custom algorithms and apply industry-leading algorithms and machine learning techniques.